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Dec 30, 2007 01:56 PM

Keeping Cheese

I received a 5 lb wheel of Stilton for Christmas and it's way more than I can eat in the next week or so. How can I preserve it? I was thinking of cutting it in quarters, wrapping in saran or foil, and freezing it. I have a seal-a-meal vacuum gadget - should I vacuum pack it before freezing?

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    1. An extra layer of care would be not to touch it with you hands as you package it. Stilton, like most blues, freezes and keeps well. Thaw the wedges in the fridge for a few days. You may want to do more than four. Nice gift!

      1. While at a small cheese factory in Wisconsin, we were told that wrapping in wax paper helps preserving more than plastic wrap or foil.

        1. The vacuum gadget alone does a pretty good job of preserving most hard or firm cheeses. I've kept cheddars and the like for a couple of months that way. You might want to keep a wedge or two in the fridge --as opposed to the freezer-- for a quick nosh when the mood strikes.