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Dec 30, 2007 01:50 PM

Weekend in Philly, Need Advice on Itinerary

I am taking my wife to Philly Saturday and Sunday, one night (staying in Center City) and here is the plan. I want to go somewhere for early lunch that is different ( thinking about Lakeside Deli), in the afternoon I am looking for a place that has a great cheese plate or tapas, looking for a good BYOB for the evening and a breakfast place for Sunday morning. Does this sound like a good plan or I would love for someone else to plan the weekend for us. All ideas entertained!

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  1. Sorry everyone for the multiple posts, I got some kind of error message from Chowhound and I kept re-trying. Please disregard the other posts.

    1. Lakeside deli is decent but it's somewhat hole-in-the-wall type of place, and unlike other dim sum places like Ocean Harbor, you have to know what you want/like cause they don't have the carts going around for you to look at. I would recommend beau monde (crepes and french bistro food) if you want more ambiance. I believe Amada's the place to go for tapas in center city. Are there specific cuisine you're looking for? What do you like? What do you want to try in Philly?

      1. Well, you don't say anything about where in the city you would like to do, or what you plan besides eating, but here are my rec's:

        lunch: Reading Terminal Market--It's a very uniquely philly experience with a lot of food options my favorites include the roast pork sandwich with greens from Dinics, the hoagie from Salumeria, ice cream from Bassets and cookies from Famous 4th St. Do a search of this board and you'll get a lot of other recommendations.

        afternoon: Tria sounds perfect for you. They specialize in cheese and other small plates served with wine or unique beers. There are two locations, off Rittenhouse Square and Washington Square, depending on where you will be.

        Dinner: Matyson--the chef recently left, but from what I've heard it is just as good. It's an excellent New American BYO. You can also do a search on the board to learn of many of Philly's Italian BYOs.

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        1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

          this is just what I was going to suggest when I read the post!
          As for Reading Terminal, also get a Fishers soft pretzel.

          Tria sounds just what you're looking for, Amada is another option.
          Dinner could also consider Osteria, but Matyson is always great. Ansil is another option.

          Also, at some point try & stop by capogiro if you can fit it in! A nice treat!

          breakfast on Sunday there are some options- are you looking for a nice brunch or just good breakfast?

          1. re: pamd

            I like HungryintheBurbs advice.
            If you are thinking Matyson, better go early otherwise you will have to read lips. Also, getting a reservation is not easy.
            Branzino and Caffe Casta Diva are 2 other recommendations for good BYOB's.
            Paradiso is a really neat restaurant as well.

            1. re: pamd

              also, bring cash to Lakeside! If you want to try a Chinatown dessert, go across the street when you're done to Greenland.

              1. re: pamd

                I have dreams about the food of Reading Terminal Market.

            2. Thanks for the input. We have been to Philly many times before. Ate a Matyson last time and loved it. Our other favorite restaurant is L'Angola. Tria is a great idea. We were thinking about Little Fish or Overtures for dinner. Caffe Casa Diva sounds like a good option. As far a itinerary we don't have a lot planned. Only thing concrete is Art Museum on Sunday at noon. Thought about Orlieb's Jazz House Saturday night, but would entertain other ideas for couple in late 40's.

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              1. Has anyone tried Fork etc. for breakfast or lunch? I didn't get there on my last visit, but the idea is very nice.
                I highly recommend Osteria. Go early if you don't have a reservation, or you could sit at one of the bars. The pizza is not to be missed, especially the Lombarda.
                I of course second, third and fourth RTM for DiNic's roast pork with sharp provolone and rabe.
                Here's a report of my recent visit: