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Where to buy dried porcini mushrooms?

Looking for some dried porcini mushrooms that will not break the bank. They are at our local Ralphs but are super expensive. Any suggestions? Perhaps ethinic grocery stores? We are in Encino, but would be willing to drive a bit to find them.


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  1. Asian markets would be my best guess, unfortunately not something Encino is exactly swarming with...nor Pasadena either, which is why we make regular forays into this end of the SGV. The closest ones to us are likely the closest to you as well: the 99 Ranch at Duarte and Golden West in Arcadia, and the Arcadia Supermarket farther east on Duarte, just beyond Baldwin in a big strip mall. You could make a rewarding expedition out of this, since there's a Full House next to 99 Ranch that does great dim sum during the day, and the Arcadia SM shares its mall with Chang's Garden, really good Shanghainese, and Din Tai Fung is just around the corner.

    1. real porcini mushrooms are expensive. you can find other kinds of dried mushrooms at lesser prices and some of them will be good. in Chinese markets, what you'll usually find are black mushrooms or shiitake. i don't recall ever seeing porcinis. when you're shopping for porcinis, choose the bags with teh least amount of "dust" and broken pieces.

      1. Surfas has them and they also have porcini powder, so you can get that flavor with out breaking the bank.

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          We ended up going on an adventure today. Whole Foods has them for $75.00/lb, Ralphs for $60.00. Ranch 99 (which has a location in Van Nuys) does not sell them at all...but the winner is...
          Surfas - $34.00!! So we are all set. Thanks for the recommendations!

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            Next time check out Monte Carlo Deli in Burbank.

            A pound of dried porcini is a hell of a lot of porcini...

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              When the Elder Ozlette went to Italy last February she brought back half a kilo (just over a pound) of dried porcini. It is indeed a hell of a lot. But of course, there's no such thing as too much porcini. We still have some in the freezer, but it's getting down to seeds and stems (so to speak).

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                but since they're dried...

                I think $34 is a very good price - right around $2/oz. Pretty hard to beat. What do they sell for at Monte carlo Deli?

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                  I don't know, but you could call to save yourself the trip. I live in OC now so I just go to Claro's or Cortina's.

          2. I think that Nicole's in South Pas sells them as well - their dried mushrooms prices are very reasonable

            1. Try www.earthy.com They sell one ounce dried for about $6.00. If this is not an instant need I recommend their products.

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                So we used the porcini's we bought at Surfas for $34.00. I was a bit nervous because there were 2 choices of porcini's and they only had 1 bag left of the cheaper kind. We made some mushroom risotto for about 10 friends and it was a hit. The porcini's were of excellent quality and went over very well. Having never been to Surfa's before, I can't wait to go back. That place is great.

              2. For all y'all on the East Side of town, (Glendale, Montrose area) there is a new shop that I am so in love with now that it has opened:

                3521A North Verdugo Road
                Glendale, CA 91208

                One of the best things about the shop is that the owner is an amazing chef (former owner of Bistro Verdu) who cares about quality ingredients and has been very helpful with any questions.

                My new love at this shop is his assortment of meats (Salumi, Speck, Lomo, and all other sorts of porky goodness) Cheeses, and artisan salts...15 different salts that you can buy by the ounce (I bought each salt as a gift for one of my friends and he was so delighted-there were so many that he had never heard of, much less has tried).

                I bought a bunch of dried WOOD EAR MUSHROOMS yesterday for one of my friends...they have plenty of other dried mushrooms that they sell by the ounce.

                Check out the shop, it's mellow, it's welcoming and there are so many wonderful treats to grab!

                They will be serving small plates starting this month...there are a couple of big picnic tables outside for you to enjoy your vittles.

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                  Tater...."porky goodness" I am LOL!!
                  I love porcini and as far as they are concerned: I bought a HUGE bag of them from I think Surfas in Culver City. I now always have them around for a handful of big flavor when needed. Its the gift that just keeps on given Clark......

                  There are also LOTS of mushroom vendors on the web who will ship directly to you, many of them will also ship fresh. I was just at the Pike Market and brought home (ok to fly with) a pound and a half of the finest chantrelle mushrooms you ever saw for $9.50 !!!!! Ive been tearing them up and throwing them in everything since.

                  And as said ealier: Nicoles in South Pas also sells porcini.

                  My favorite single dish of all time was at a restraurant in Knightsbridge. I sat down in a very small and off the beaten path Italian restaurant and they immediately brought over a very large basket of fresh porcini bigger than your head and said "of course you will want to start with one of these wont you?" Kind of surpised and stunned by what I saw....I think I said "uh huh..." or some other stupid thing and off he went. What came back were perfect porcini planks quickly sauteed in butter and extra virgin, fanned out on a large plate with a little briny sea salt, fresh cracked pepper and curls of pecorino romano cheese. I can still taste it and it may never be that good again..........

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                    STOP Stop stop thomtompkins!!!

                    I love mushrooms, and reading about your "Fun-guy" adventures is killing me!
                    I have to say, when it come to tasty snacks, I just can't get to ordering on line for things like mushrooms...I love to look, smell, feel the goodies and I love to talk to the people from whom I buy them.
                    I'm loving INGREDIENTS because it's not even 3 miles from my front door!!! Always parking, always nice people...now if I only had a map to the "house of flying chantrelles", I'd be tearing into 'em too!

                2. Surfa's! Bought some today. 6/4/14

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                    Surfas also has frozen ones. About $30-40 for a bag. Works very well for risotto and soups. Much better than dried. As with fresh ones, you have to be careful and cut them open to check for worms.