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caesar salad with shrimp?

sophia519 Dec 30, 2007 01:32 PM

I want to make a caesar salad with cooked shrimp, how should I cook the shrimp? I have a bunch of large, raw, frozen shrimp that I'd like to use. Thanks!

  1. coll Dec 30, 2007 03:36 PM

    I would grill them (on Geo Foreman if necessary). Maybe marinade first in some of the dressing.

    1. wolfe Dec 30, 2007 03:43 PM

      Shells on I use the Alton Brown method. Brine in icebox for 20 -20 minutes. Dry and toss with olive oil and seasoning,he uses old bay, and place on warmed baking pan upper part of oven with broiler on and about 3 minutes turn and about 2+ minutes. Cool, peel, add to lettuce and toss with dressing. Shells add flavor and protect flesh.
      See foodnetwork.com, search recipe, shrimp cocktail, Alton Brown to check.

      1. h
        HillJ Dec 31, 2007 06:39 AM

        shell shrimp. they should cook very quickly sauted in olive oil and med high heat with a large garlic clove to infused the oil. Some people make ahead but I actually like to add the shrimp warm to the salad so I reverse the prep. A fresh lemon shot to the shrimp before adding to the salad, then toss with dressing.

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