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Dec 30, 2007 01:32 PM

caesar salad with shrimp?

I want to make a caesar salad with cooked shrimp, how should I cook the shrimp? I have a bunch of large, raw, frozen shrimp that I'd like to use. Thanks!

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  1. I would grill them (on Geo Foreman if necessary). Maybe marinade first in some of the dressing.

    1. Shells on I use the Alton Brown method. Brine in icebox for 20 -20 minutes. Dry and toss with olive oil and seasoning,he uses old bay, and place on warmed baking pan upper part of oven with broiler on and about 3 minutes turn and about 2+ minutes. Cool, peel, add to lettuce and toss with dressing. Shells add flavor and protect flesh.
      See, search recipe, shrimp cocktail, Alton Brown to check.

      1. shell shrimp. they should cook very quickly sauted in olive oil and med high heat with a large garlic clove to infused the oil. Some people make ahead but I actually like to add the shrimp warm to the salad so I reverse the prep. A fresh lemon shot to the shrimp before adding to the salad, then toss with dressing.