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The Wiener Factory, today and tomorrow

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Last chance to get those dogs with the cheddar cheese and spicy mustard, or the new york red onions, or the red cabbage or sauerkraut. along with some surprisingly good knishes.

Oh, and that snap, great stufff. Has anyone been? Any new words on a relocation? or extension?

Now that Rubin's Red Hots is also long gone where to go?????

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  1. We went last weekend, and it was very sad. We've been regulars for years. Drove by yesterday afternoon around 1:00 and the line was out the door and well on its way to the liquor store. The last day was scheduled to be New Year's Eve. Hopefully they can relocate.

    1. Try The Stand in Encino.

      1. I went for the first time a week ago after living not 5 minutes away for the last 20 years. A great chili dog that I wish I had found sooner. I missed so many opportunities to pay them a visit.

        It'll be so strange with it being gone. For me the Wiener Factory has always been an iconic valley staple, so to see it replaced by a Pinkberry will be heartbreaking. I say we all get together and throw hot dogs at the newly built Pinkberry. Down with the berry!

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        1. re: ReelMike84

          I like pinkberry but not enough to have it replace the Weiner Factory....how sad.
          Pinkberry is now getting on my nerves. They've chosen to keep their prices the same but have reduced the amount they give and damn I hate it when they start weighing the stuff and then they count the raspberries....are you kidding me?
          They should have stuck with their original location and stopped with all the expansion.

        2. Kevin - The Short Stop market on Woodman between Moorpark and Ventura has a hot dog place that is quite good, and features Vienna Beef products including their buns. Never been disappointed there. All different kinds of dogs available, polish or regular, plus combinations of condiments strictly up to your imagination and tastebuds.
          Best of all, within walking distance for me!

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          1. re: carter

            did it just open? never heard of it mentioned before. does sound good though. oh, wait a second I hope it's not QT Chicago Dogs, which is kind of attached to a convenience market? please tell me i'm wrong.

            1. re: kevin

              You're not wrong. But I like Qt Chicago Dogs. I believe there's also one on Reseda near Parthenia and one on Victory near Tampa. Good dogs, but the Weiner Factory will be missed.

              1. re: omakase

                I tried to stop by Wiener Factory today a little before 5pm, and there was a line out the door, three deep. Most likely the factory was a madhouse inside. Interesting, that once a joint actually announces it's closing people flock to it en masse, but otherwise they just take it for granted.

              2. re: kevin

                Definitely is QT dogs. Very good product and always made to order.

            2. I was there yesterday around 2PM. I waited in line for my CCO and watched people taking pictures of everything.

              One man wondered outloud if he could buy any of the art on the walls.

              They all had bandages below one eye. :(

              I work a couple blocks down on Ventura.

              I'll really miss the guys and wish them the best.

              I'll go to QT Dog now when I want one, but it's just not the same.

              It's more than just about the dog.

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              1. re: mar52

                Yes, Wiener Factory has a certain warmness to it, and it's not necessarily the sayings and slogans on the wall. On the otherhand, QT's is way too antiseptic, boring, and sterile and doesn't really feel like a place to linger.

                Also, the sausages (other than the Sabrett's dogs) at Wiener Factory along with the knishes and potato salad and red cabbage are all made exclusively for them. The knishes are supposedly made by an old lady in the valley.

              2. All bland compared to Weenez, downtown, 500 South Spring Street.


                1. Yes, I went today for my last dog...very sad, indeed. I'm going to miss their turkey dogs, really the only place I know of to get such a dog as most are beef and/or pork. Does anyone know of another place that has turkey dogs? WF's "toms" are very tasty, with a slight kick. I ordered the same every time...2 toms, French (mustard type, vs. spicy/brown) C (chili) O (onion..breath killer).

                  I'll miss the clever sayings handwritten on the walls.

                  But most of all, I'll miss the lovely couple who owned WF, Kevin and Sher and all the love they gave their customers over the years. They're going to take a well deserved rest, and maybe WF will reincarnate itself in a different location, maybe not, but Kev and Sher are done working the counters. Take a break, you two!

                  Thanks Kevin and Sher for so many great years of friendship and wonderful dogs (the quality was always excellent...you never got a bad dog there!).

                  All for another fricken Stinkberry yogurt place (where ARE the cars going to park?? probably a 12 story deep underground parking garage)......grrrrrr...another "mom and pop" bites the dust!

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                  1. re: GK in SO

                    yeah, i was a fan of their turkey dogs too. because the sabrett's you could get anywhere, but not the turkey ones.

                    also, going back a few years ago they used to serve some great spicey chicken sausages.

                  2. oh, man...what a crime, especially to make way for a trendy yogurt joint that will no doubt be closed before it's two years old. is there no way that the people's voice will ever be heard when stuff like this happens? I doubt you could scrape together two proponents for yet another Pinkberry's, whereas the lines out the door of WF speak for themselves.

                    Kevin used to surprise me with the occasional bonus dog (2 dogs/one bun) every once in a while, which was so sweet. (my bathroom scales, of course, didn't agree, but were easily overruled in the face of such uncommon generosity.)

                    at least when they closed the BUR Wiener Factory, we got a Poquito Mas out of it. this, on the other hand, just stinks. I'm keeping a rock handy in my car to heave at the Pinkberry windows when the place goes up. (just kidding, Pinkberry lawyers.)

                    1. yes. it is a sad day. wf was arguably the best dog stand in l.a.. far better than the stand. although it's a totally different story, jeff's gourmet sausages (kosher!) on pico are outstanding. other than the buns being doughy (depending on what you get), the dogs and sausages are great! hopefully, spring will bring word of a reisen from the dead wf.

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                      1. re: jay 1

                        Ever have a bittersweet CCO (chili, cheese and onions)?

                        I just poished off two of my 40-year favorites!

                        I was one of the last customers to wish Kevin and Sher all the best!

                        The last dog was dressed shortly after 5:00 PM.

                        Sher was non-committal about a new location.

                        Kevin was standing over the steaming dogs, as usual, piling the chili, the mound of shredded cheese and sweet white onions. .

                        The line was into the parking lot. People had cameras to record the sad end to 2007. People were writing farewell notes on the outside walls.

                        I told Kevin and Sher what a Chowhounder suggested that we all toss hot dogs at the windows of the new Stinkberry when it opens. They both had pained laughs.

                        Goodbye to another piece of the LA that we natives grew up with.

                        Please come back somewhere in 2008.

                        Sabretts forever!

                        1. re: caldad02

                          I laughed and cried when I read this post...bittersweet, you got that right. Lucky you, being one of the last ones to with K&S well, and the last ones to enjoy the best dogs around. Another good one bites the dust.

                          The suggestion to toss hot dogs at the windows of Stinkberry...LOL...let's do it!

                          RIP, WF...I miss my Tom, French, C, O already!

                          1. re: GK in SO

                            does anyone have any new news on the Wiener Factory? I sure miss it would be great to have a few dogs and a knish right about now.

                            1. re: kevin

                              Not specifically but the guy at Fab's hot dogs says that Kevin comes in sometimes, and maybe will reopen in the Woodland Hills area. I recently tried the red cabbage at Fab's and it was extremely close to the Weiner Factory's, although the whole package of bun + dog + cheese + red cabbage wasn't quite as good. He doesn't use as much cheese as Kevin did and it's grated a little differently. Still I'm glad that Fab's is further away than Weiner Factory because that way I don't eat as many hot dogs.

                              1. re: Debbie W

                                yeah, i've been to fab's a half dozen times. in fact, i like his chili better than at wiener factory. but the dogs, especially that awesome turkey dog, which i can't seem to get anywhere else, and the shredded cheese are both amazing compared to fab's.

                                but i do enjoy fab's grilled onion topped cheese burgers, which are deliciously like a patty melt on a bun, and of course the detroit chil dogs with cheddar are great too. tater tots are not half bad. but it's just not the same having the holidays around with nary a dog from the Wiener Factory. what makes it even worse is that infamous frozen yogurt stand that shall remain unnamed will not even be moving in there, so that wiener factory was sort of forced out for no reason now. and the old stand, has now been sitting there boarded up for close to a year now.

                                debbie, i presume you're in sherman oaks or studio city, any other dogs parlors that you frequent? i actually haven't tried brat bros yet, i'm not quite a fan of qt's chicago dogs on woodman but sometimes carney's chili dogs really does hit the spot.

                                1. re: kevin

                                  You should never get the tots @Fab's.

                                  instead, you should ask for garlic tots.

                                  mmmmmm garlic tots....

                                  1. re: ns1

                                    that's right they have garlilc fries, so why not up the ante with garlic tots. sounds good to me.

                                    1. re: kevin

                                      yeah that's what we said the first time we ordered them!

                                  2. re: kevin

                                    Kevin, ever since Weiner Factory closed I haven't been eating too many hot dogs which is probably just as well. Having lived in Sherman Oaks since 1990 first around the corner from now-CVS and Marie Callendar's and since 1999 close to Fashion Square, I really really miss the Weiner Factory. QT's on Woodman is ok as far as the dog but the atmosphere is so severely depressing and I don't think hot dogs travel well so I don't like to take them to go. I haven't tried Brats Brothers or the Infield. I like Carney's but really for their double cheeseburgers. I love a griddled cheeseburger and they will make up 1000 island dressing to put on it. Their chili doesn't excite me too much but neither did the chili at Weiner Factory where I was strictly a red cabbage and cheese gal. I like the dog with the chili and slaw at Fab's, as well as the red cabbage and cheese dog, but have only been there twice so far. The Stand doesn't do that much for me either. I buy various types of sausages at Costco or Gelsons or TJ's and my husband grills them at home, so I kind of get my fix that way though it's not exactly the same.

                                    1. re: Debbie W

                                      Been to Fab's a half dozen times now. It is good, especially that ground beef chili, it's almost like sloppy joe meat in a good way of course.

                                      Well, definitely since you happen to know the other Kevin, the proprietor of Wiener Factory, let me know if he happens to open up again. A whole bunch of us our anxiously waiting.

                                      Or if any other dog parlor opens up in the Valley. Interesting enough and I don't know why this is, but the SFV is the best place in LA for hot dogs.

                                      and Qt's, i'm not a fan of. nor the stand. nor of course jody maroni's. i used to have a soft spot for World Links that was located in the Century City mall but alas that closed near a decade ago.

                                      email is kev3831@juno.com

                          2. re: jay 1

                            I agree the dogs at Jeff's are delicious - being kosher no cheese though

                          3. not quite the wf, but quite good. have been 3 times since it opened. not quite in the valley, but not to far:


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                            1. re: justanotherpenguin

                              i've been there, the dog was all right, but nothing close to special, maybe i've been two or three times by now.

                            2. I can't believe a year ago today, I was eating my last dog at the factory...and a year later, nothing has happened to the place...no Pinkberry...nothing, I could sure go for a chili cheese right now...below is the 2nd to last day it was open...look at all that cheese.


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                              1. re: awinner

                                I was there on today (dec 31st, 2007) actually exactly a year, there was a long line around the block. quite the scene. had my usual a turkey with cheese and spicey, and a turkey with red cabbage and cheese. both amazingly delicious, i completely miss those Turkey Dogs expecially. i wish i could find those at least somwehere else to hold me off until they hopefully reopen again. one of the last few to get a final fix.

                                just noticed when driving by the other day that it has been leased again. probably within the past week or so, i'm pretty sure it's not a lease with The Wiener Factory again, but who knnows, maybe we can all keep our fingers crossed.

                                The closet to Wiener Factory goodness has been the newly opened Fab's dogs a few miles away.

                                1. re: kevin

                                  I like Fabs food fine. But It doesnt have the same ambience as WF. It needs to be bigger, have better parking and fountain drinks, not cans, The owner cant expand unless a neighboring hair salon vacates and they are on a lease. I am also afraid to take a few friends for fear we will have no place to sit. Its getting old already and I have avoided Fabs as I am just not as comfortable over all. I doubt WF will ever reopen. They are living a stress free life now.

                                  1. re: SIMIHOUND

                                    WF is "living a stress free life now"? S-s-ure, at the c-c-ost of s-s-s-tressssing the r-r-est of us outtt!

                                    But God bless them, and I hope they're retired in peace.

                                    As to Fab's, I agree with SIMIHOUND's ambiance issues and think that the dogs themselves are merely OK to semi-OK. But they're decent and often interesting, and the place is well worth our patronage, given the friendliness of the owner and the difficulty of finding a great hot dog in Los Angeles.

                                    1. re: sbritchky

                                      by no means am i stating that Fab's is a suitable replacement, i'm just stating it's better than everthing else out there except possibly a chili dog from carney's, everywhre else sucks,i.e. pinks, taste chicago, most qt's, etc, etc, etc. ad inifitum.

                                      1. re: kevin

                                        based on only one visit to fab's i agree it's no replacement (or even close) to wf. and i agree with kevin, i think the best thig out there today is a chili dog from carney's the stand is more flash than substance. i've always heard good things about skooby's in hollywood, but never been. does it suck too?

                                        1. re: jay 1

                                          i liked skooby's a lot when it first opened but i hadn't yet been to wiener factory, bu there twice-cooked fries are even better.