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Dec 30, 2007 12:40 PM

steak in Miami South Beach -- Tuscan, Prime 112, S&W

We are a family of steak fanatics. My 7 year old can down an entire porterhouse -- as long as it's blue rare. I order a porterhouse for two -- and finish it by myself.

Is Prime 112 truly overrated, or are the negative reviews sour grapes?

Is Smith & Wollensky unique enough in this location to be worth a visit?

Is Tuscan the dark horse? It seems to have the most love from chowhounds.

Perhaps Prime 112 is the truest SoBe experience (for better or worse). The last two nights I dined at Joe's Stone Crab and Nobu. I feel like I've done the SoBe experience, thank you very much. Something a little more serene might be in order, especially with the kids in tow tonight. Suggestions?

I would ask the concierge here at the Ritz, but they have the most disappointingly unknowledgeable and useless concierge staff (at least they're friendly) I've ever encountered in any luxury hotel.

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  1. If you are looking for a very good steak go to any of the following:

    Table 8
    Skirt steak at the lido

    Maizon d'azur makes a very good strip steak frites.

    As a general rule, the concierges at all sobe hotels are useless.

    P112 is one of my favorite restaurants, but not one of my favorite steakhouses.

    S&W is not good.

    I just read up on your past posts. If you consider PL merely acceptable - you are in big trouble here. Downgrade my very good to somewhat passable and good luck to you.

    Edit again - reading more of what you said, you will find the recommended places good to very good. You will not like P112 and you will absolutely hate S&W.

    If I were you I would do Talula, Table 8 or Tuscan.

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    1. re: tpigeon

      TP, looks like Kobe Club is opening this week.

        1. re: tpigeon

          I hear you. That said, Tuscan works plus I'm not a Chodorow hater.

          1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

            Yeah, just ate at Tuscan last night. I enjoyed it very much.

              1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

                Definititely would try there before Kobe Club. I have not heard good things about the NY KC location and usually transplants (especially to sobe) are even worse than the original.

    2. Agree that Talula, though not a steakhouse, does great steaks.

      Other than a nice location on the water, S&W is not unique in that it is a NY-based chain, and also is weaker in quality than other chains (I prefer either Capital Grille or Morton's).

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        Agreed frod, but those are not in sobe. If they were, I would add them to the list. I didn't even add the forge, which is a steakhouse on 41st and serves very good steaks but is not in sobe. That being said, I have not been to the forge in over a year...

        1. re: tpigeon

          My only point was that S&W is neither unique nor that good to be worth a visit just for the food.

      2. BTW just so you know, my tastes in steak and appetite is similar to yours, though I am not quite as hardcore - in my advanced years I have switched from B&B to merely rare,but I do know where you are coming from and I have given you the best pure steaks that sobe has to offer -- unfortunately, they are not in steakhouses - nor will they match something like PL which is my favorite.

        One more thing, if you go to Table 8 and they mention the salt roasted porterhouse (off the menu special) keep in mind that unless you like very very salty, you will be disappointed in this particular steak. It is really unfortunate, because it would be excellent if it weren't too salty....

        1. What about that Argentine joint up on Washington? I thought I saw a sign where they won best steak somewhere? Also, wasn't there a Gaucho room near where Emeril's is? What did that become?

          Texas de Brazil may be just what the doctor ordered for the OP? It is a Brazilian Rodizio house right on Biscayne Bay in SOBE. They'll just keep it coming until you and your kid beg for mercy! Might be a nice change from your more traditional steakhouses.

          On another to note to the local crew, I finally worked up the courage to ask prices at the Epicure Butcher the other day. $38 bucks per pound for Prime NY Strip! WTF? The the guy proceeds to tell me if I take the end cuts, they only charge $8.50 per steak!!! Holy flippin' cow I said- " gimme two"!. They melted in your mouth...actually, they were the best steaks I have ever had anywhere bar none. Now I have yet to savour Luger's, but if the steaks are like their steak sauce, I'll pass!

          Hey Happy New Year to one and all!

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          1. re: netmover


            Gaucho Room is ancient history, I believe - that's was one of Frank Randazzo's (now Talula) first places when he came to Miami.

            1. re: Frodnesor

              I think he is referring to this Rancho or Ranchero place on washington & around 14th...

            2. re: netmover

              If it is around 14th and washington, I did not like it at all.

              I have never eaten at TDB but the op would not like it much because they eat their steak black and blue - and I have trouble getting rare at rodizios (I have eaten at several of the better known ones on different occasions). Plus, the quality of the meats generally are not quite as good as the better steakhouses. That all being said, I happen to love rodizios and am excited to try TDB.

              Don't you dare put steak sauce on a Luger's steak - that is a capital offense. The steak sauce is meant for salads, bread and hamburgers.

              Happy New Year to you too.

              1. re: tpigeon

                Thanks is Rancho Argentino or something like that. Anyone tried it?

                You are absolutely right about the Rodizios, there's no black and blue being passed that's for sure. And I agree about the quality of the meats, certainly that seemed to be the case at the only one I have ever tried, Porcao. I was quite disappointed by the quality, certainly not the quantity. TDB is a national chain, so I am not sure what that means for the quality factor? It's seems "upscale" decorwise to Porcao. I wonder how they'll do? Has anyone been to the sobe Texas de brazil yet? Please give us the run down, along with a vista report...should be decent from up there.

                Happy NY!

                1. re: netmover

                  I went to Rancho Argentino and did not like it.

            3. Im surprised at all the hating on S&W. I find their steaks superior to P112, Christy's, Ruth's Chris (oooh! we cook in butter! BFD) and Mortons and the location on SoBe is great for outdoor dining. I also like their side items and Ive always had good service there which is rare for SoBe. I think Capital Grille is better though and Id say its the best of that tier of steakhouses. I havent tried Flemings or Tuscan yet, though all the hype on this board about Tuscan leads me to believe its incredibly good or incredibly overhyped. Its on my list for January along with Michaels Genuine. There is another steak place just off of fifth, a few blocks east of Alton, that I cant remember the name (i believe its french) of but my cousin loves the steak frites there. I didnt think it was all that great but he said it was because we were there for a party of 18 and they served it all family style, which sucked in my opinion. Prime 112 is great for their apps but the steak blows. I go for the foie gras app or the slow braised short rib app and the bacon at the bar. I havent heard of Kobe Club... Where is that gonna be?

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              1. re: Blind Mind

                I've been a couple times to Fleming's and been consistently underwhelmed. Have not been to P112 but the general consensus is that their steaks aren't that great, but the sides and other stuff is. Capital Grille is generally my favorite of the steakhouses.