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Dec 30, 2007 12:11 PM

opinions on il mulino

i am just curious what people on this board think of il mulino, and how it compares with spiaggia (and any other high end italian places in chicago and beyond) for food, wine and service? or if someone can direct me to a link on chowhound with reviews of il mulino that would be greatly appreciated.


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    1. I've eaten at the il Mulino in the Village since it opened and have always had a fabulous experience, the waitstaff are those professional waiters (I can't remember a female waitperson ever) who bring you treats like the grappa made by an uncle in Italy. I ate there with my grandparents (their treat!) who were regulars so we always recv'd the star treatment ...then I went to the il Mulino in Las Vegas .. and yikes! It wasn't terrible but it wasn't that warm cozy room with fabulous staff and lovingly prepared food. I had lunch with a friend recently who filled me in ..the bros. sold Il Mulino but retain control over the NY spot wh/ remains unchanged but the off-shoots ..just don't cut it. I'd say if you want to eat at il Mulino save it for a NYC experience ...

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        They put on a nice show - lots of tableside prep, etc., good food but very expensive, not a great value in my view. I'd only go back if someone else is paying. For my money, there are better places.

      2. I had a great experience in Chicago. Service is top notch...being at the Brigs mansion is always fun too. It is different than Spiaggia. Way less fancy fare. They have a huge menu, but most people order off the special menu. The branzino is excellent as is the chicken parmesan. I do not find it to be exhorbitantly expensive. It just is easy to get carried away as the specials often are very expensive (market price type dishes) and sound incredible. The wine list is also pretty expensive. If you order off the regular menu, most stuff is only a few bucks more than you'd find anywhere. Plus the portions are enormous so you can easily share.

        Now I do not think you will leave saying you had the best Italian food of your life. But you will leave having had a fun lively meal with great service. Go with friends...much better spot for a table of 4 than for 2.

        1. Very loud. Good food. Excellent waitstaff. High-end pricing. A great dining experience. Would go back.