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Dec 30, 2007 11:39 AM

Chocolate Palette at Trader Joe's? [Moved from LA Board]

Has anyone tried the chocolate palette at Trader Joe's? 10 bars of dark chocolate from around the world; one pound of chocolate total.

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  1. I saw those yesterday as I was leaving with three heavy bags and didn't want to go back. They looked perfect for my mom -- she is a chocoholic, and the darker and more intense the better. I gotta get back tomorrow -- I asked whether they'd be a staple item and a manager said that he thinks that once they're gone that's it. Just so you know, ten similarly sized bars with different color wrappings, tied together in a block with a cute little card giving the cocao content and flavor profiles for each one. $9.99.

    1. Yes, bought one of these as an xmas gift for a friend who is a dark chocolate lover. So far I've had the chance to sample about 3 of the bars. Very good and I can taste the difference between the various bars - though not being that much an expert on dark chocolate myself I couldn't really say if they're that good compared to what else is out there.