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Dec 30, 2007 11:38 AM

Kaizen Sushi Bar in Sturbridge

My wife and I just noticed this today and are fairly excited to have a sushi option in Sturbridge! Has anyone been yet? It's housed in the old Bin 479 restaurant right on Main Street/Rt 20. We'll be trying it in the next week or two, but for now all we have is a copy of the menu and a peek inside.

Here's the official website, although it's currently "under construction":

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  1. Haven't been, but have heard rave reviews from friends who have. Husband is scared of sushi, so I have to make a stealth visit.

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      Kaizen is excellent!!!!. My wife does not eat raw fish but loves this place because they have many dishes that appeal to her. I love sushi and I think Kaizen is one of the better sushi places in the state. They have a beef maki roll that appeals to all the meat and potato types I've been there with. One of my friends ordered a steak and it too was cooked to perfection. I strongly recommend Kaizen.

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        1. Okay, ate at Kaizen last night and it was terrific, and reasonably priced for sushi. Spouse had the sea scallops, which were cooked perfectly, but the sauces were a little novel for him (Irish). I had the spider roll, which totally rocked...I'm a blue crab addict, and always try crab cakes or soft shells, even though I KNOW that's foolhardy in New England. Thank goodness for a new place in Sturbridge...Perennials succumbed to financial problems, the Swan has been going downhill since the Lofgrens sold it, and I know people still like Cedar Street, but I loved it when David Vadenais owned it...menu had lots of really delicious vegetarian items, ditto meat and seafood. Only ate there once since he sold it, and was underwhelmed.

          1. I'd never tried sushi before... this was my first and totally delicious. Menu is great, service is wonderful... a GREAT addition to Sturbridge.