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Dec 30, 2007 11:17 AM

Chinese Food Redux...Northern Westchester

It is Sunday afternoon. Looking for some soothing Chinese in a 10 mile radius of Chappaqua. Have tried David Chens in Armonk, Pacific Palace and the other one in Thornwood, Oriental Diner---- would really like to find something better. Heard that the one in P'ville near police station is ok, but have not been. Any suggestions?

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  1. go an extra 15 minutes and have dim sum at Aberdeen...:)

    1. Funny, Ace Asian in Thornwood scored an "excellent" in the NY Times a couple of years ago, but every time I pass by there on a Sunday evening the place is absolutely EMPTY. (Haven't gone, because empty restaurants creep me out)

      Did they get jinxed by the "Excellent" review?

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        ACE is quite good but a bit's sort of pan-asian not really chinese and has some french influence...somehow whenever my wife and I go it's over $80 for the two of us (with drinks and a bit of leftovers....the chocolate soufflee is quite good and I like their Bimbimbap and that I'm writing this I'm not sure if their chinese food is any good though....:)

      2. Have you tried Imperial Wok in North White Plains?

        1. I like Hunan Ritz in the Rose Hill shopping center in Thornwood, but I'm not sure if they are only take out. They used to deliver to us when we live in Mt. Kisco, but don't since we moved to Golden's Bridge, so it's been a while since I've eatent their food, but it was really good then!

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