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Feb 9, 2001 11:57 PM

Victorville for Valentine's Day, sigh

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My husband just found out that he's on a job in Victorville all next week--including Valentine's Day. Could anybody recommend a good place in that area? It doesn't have to be fancy, just reliably good. Some local color would be nice, too.

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  1. Shelley's in Victoville is excellent but only open until 2PM

    Molly's, also in Victorville is on Mojave Rd. next to I15 freeway. It is considered by old time Victor Valley residents to be the best of all.

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    1. re: Bob Young

      Well, I can honestly say that Victorville has the best and worst of cuisines--just like any city. We went to the recommended Chateau Chang for Valentine's Day. What a disaster! Despite the fact that the place was packed with locals, the food was dismal. Overcooked, with no flavor and a harried waitress who acted totally put out. The fixed price menu of only 5 entrees should have guaranteed their finest, but there was nothing adventurous, or even edible (well, the salad) here. Steer clear!

      On the other hand, Shelleys is a real find. We had some great coffee there and a fresh-based cinnamon roll that was gooey, yeasty, and big enough for two, maybe 3.

      Also, Don's coffee shop is the relative of the one in Burbank. Typical fare, but good.

      Down the road in Lucerne Valley, there's Letty's Mexican Restaurant, right on Hwy. 18. Now that's a find.

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      Robert FitzSimmons

      Pagano's is the area's best restaurant. Great seafood and Northern Italian specialities. Beer and wine. 14747 Bear Valley Road, Hesperia (760)948-4880. Also, Chateau Chang. Good seafood and Californian-Asian specialities. Full bar, nicely decorated. 15425 Anacapa Road (in Park Center), Victorville. (760) 241-3040.