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Chocolate Covered ????

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I am thinking of making some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert on New Years Eve but was also wondering if anyone had any other suggestions for things to cover in chocolate? graham crackers? Pretzels? Cookies?

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  1. I came across an interesting idea of chocolate covered goodies a couple of years ago: Chocolate Covered Shortbread. Buy your favorite shortbread sticks (I like Walkers), dip one end in chocolate and then roll the chocolate in sprinkles or nuts before it sets up. For Christmas I use sprinkles like trees and candy canes, but for New Years Eve, you could go with just nuts or even snowflake sprinkles. These are really easy to make because you buy the shortbread pre-made. These are very rich, so I would recommend against large shortbread cookies - the sticks seem to be the right size.

    Have you thought about putting out chocolate fondue with a whole host of fruits, cookies, biscotti, and the like? Serve champagne along with it and you'll have people socializing around the goodness all night long.


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      Thanks, the short bread idea is great. I want to have everything pre dipped and skip the fondue because there are going to be young kids around and I can see that getting messy!

    2. Interesting things I've seen that are chocolate-covered:

      Candied ginger
      French fries and onion rings

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        Chocolate covered potato chips sound weird, but they are very popular with friends. You can used any kind of chocolate, but milk and Gianduja make for a interesting contrast.

        I like to use dried fruit and coffee beans.

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          Chocolate covered potato chips! Yes! One year I made all sorts of candies for my kids, including some very "gourmet" chocolate covered dill weed potato chips. I think they were $4.00 a bag. Well, the kids got all sorts of candy, but I was the only one who got the chocolate covered potato chips. Fantastic!

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            Chocolate covered potato chips are amazing! I've only had them once and I've never seen them again (too afraid to make them at home). I never would have thought that would be good, but it really is.

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              chocolate covered chips sounds really gross but they're good. my sister loves them, i just bought a can from neiman marcus. yummo!

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                OoooOOo we have a neiman marcus near us. :D

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                  Pringles always worked well in my house for this. Sweet and salty!

      2. Things I've covered/dipped in chocolate: Strawberries, bananas(kids treat), mandarin orange sections, shortbread, candy canes, and pretzels (I think the rods are prettier than the twists). If you decide to do a fondue I'd add pound cake to that list. :)

        1. Coffee gelatin dipped in espresso chocolate = happiness :)

          1. Any kind of fruit. Bananas, raspberries, pears, whatever. Some fruits have to be treated with lemon juice so they don't brown. Orange and tangerine sections are expecially good. And do some with white chocolate too. Raspberries or blackberries are sensuous in white chocoloate!

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              Your title led me to immediately think: 'ants'! Not recommending it, you just brought back an ages old memory of a department store in Westchester that sold chocolate covered ants. As a kid, I wasn't allowed to get them.


              The buckeye candies being talked about on this board sound yummy, though.

            2. Dried fruit is easier and less messy than fresh fruit. I had some leftover melted chocolate after making those Oreo truffles last week, so I rummaged around in my cupboard and ended up dipping some dried pears -- they were delicious. Pound cake and shortbread are both good suggestions, and I'm surprised no one has mentioned marshmallows -- I got some peppermint marshmallows at TJ's that would be delicious cut into smaller pieces and dipped in chocolate.

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                candied ginger...
                dried cherries...

              2. Chocolate covered grapes - recommended by someone here have been a huge hit. Chocolate covered popcorn - but don't forget the salt! - also a hit with my friends.

                1. Just a couple of days ago I was melting some Callebaut semi-sweet chocolate in a failed attemp to improve a batch of cookies...giving up on the cookies I looked around the apartment for something else to dip. The absolute best thing was the newest flavor of the Kagusai gummy candies: Mango ! Amongst the candicates were the deliciously soft centered lychee gummy made by Meiji (which is amazingly close to the real fruit because of the soft center, but didn't improve with being dipped), the old fashioned Yuzu Bontan-Ame that was a perfect square of not very sweet starchy candy wrapped in edible paper (not sweet enough).

                  The Mango flavor of the Kagusai gummy was just perfect in taste and in size. If you didn't know you'd think they're chocolate dipped apricots. I didn't get a chance to try any other flavors of Kagusai gummies, yet, but I certainly will!

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                    That sound delicious -- I love chocolate-covered gummi bears, but I never really thought about doing it myself with other gummis.

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                      thanks for the idea for next year's client gifts!!

                    2. I tried these for the first time this year and they were really good:

                      flatten a carmel square between waxed paper, put inside and roll up in the caramel a peanut butter filled pretzel, dipi in chocolate and let set:)

                      1. I paid $5 for a chocolate covered candied orange from Godiva. It wasn't for me but I was thinking how much cheaper it would be to make it myself.

                        I'll bet a chocolate covered salty oat cookie would be great, too.


                        Make graham cracker fluff sandwich cookies dipped in chocolate for s'mores. And, rice krispie treat would be great. Cheesecake, or cheesecake bars. Banana slices with pb in between dipped in chocolate and then nuts.

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                          Yes, dipping things yourself you get to choose your chocolate besides saving money.

                          I'm also remembering a combo that I never see outside of this one sweet shop in New Orleans: chocolate covered ritz cracker peanut butter sandwich! Had it in dark as well as white chocolate...both were good. (regular sized ritz cracker back then..before the days of the mini-ritz... but then maybe the minis will be easier to dip since it's already made) I've not tried to make this nor thought about it recently.

                          Geminigirl's idea sounds pretty tasty, too. I have a pack of the PB filled pretzel ready to go.....

                        2. in addition to strawberries ive dipped green grapes & clementines. very yum

                          1. Candied ginger slices
                            Mini meringue cookies
                            Marshmallows (not too small, or they'll melt on contact)
                            Triscuit crackers
                            Granola chunks

                            1. A long time ago Reese foods had a small storefront at their midwest warehouse that sold broken cases of foods. Fantastic while it was there. However, I once bought a can of chocolate covered ants. Personally, I don;t recommend them.

                              1. Candied citrus peel, any variety.

                                1. One Christmas I made 'way too much chocolate covering and was dipping everything in sight just to use it up. In this way, I made chocolate-covered Medjool dates (the big huge dates). For me these would be so rich that I could not possibly eat even one, yuck. But I had about thirty of them with other stuff on the coffee table and one of my guests sat there and ate every single one. My stomach still turns over when I think of it.

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                                    One of my mom's siganture holiday goodies was pitted prunes, stuffed with fondant and a freshly-cracked English walnut 1/2. Then she dipped them in both light and dark Ghiraradelli chocolate. The prune/walnut combo is crazy good.

                                  2. I think when the skins of bananas go brown, the bananas are good candidates to be chocolate covered and frozen in your freezer.

                                    1. chocolate covered Hugh Jackman's,
                                      chocolate covered Angelina Jolie's,
                                      chocolate covered Johnny Depp's
                                      chocolate covered Colin Firth's


                                      1. New Years Eve has already come and gone but I wanted to put in an idea anyways. How about adding different extracts to your chocolate? Peppermint always works well with chocolate. I did this recently with my "thin mint" cookie recipe.

                                        1. chocolate dipped coconut macaroons...oh yum! tastes like a mounds bar.

                                          1. Here's a--

                                            Chocolate-dipped mango and apricot recipe


                                            1. BACON! a friend of mine makes dark chocolate covered bacon. it's awesome.