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Dec 30, 2007 11:00 AM

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Newington NH

Has anyone tried the new Chipotle in Newington Nh that just opened before xmas? They are my favorite mexican burrito takeout place. Soooo excited to see them finally in NH as they originated in Denver, my 2nd favorite city!

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  1. I tried it and like the food.

    The "chic" neo-industial atmosphere is nothing to write home about, but the burritos were fresh and tasty. Before going I read a lot of reviews of this place across the country that were negative (and admittedly, I try not to frequent chains), but Chipotle seems to have their act together with regards to service and food.

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      Had many of these in Colorado. They are a great alternative to fast food for a quick bite. The burritos are huge and easily shared between 2 people. My favorite is the carne asada. Always had fresh ingredients out in Colorado.

    2. We often frequent the one in Medford Ma when down that way for business. Very good location. Ingredients always fresh. Seems like the heat factor in all the ingredients out west is alot higher. But still good here.

      1. Chipotle is from Denver? Then why do their burritos have rice in them? Rice in a burrito, based on my experience is a California thing. Never had rice in a burrito growing up in Ft. Collins, or going to college in Arizona - only in Southern Cal.

        I tried it just before xmas, I thought it was okay. Not near as good as Loco's Taco's in Kittery.

        Also tried the Coldstone Creamery - that place was "eh". Coldstone doesn't hold a candle to places like Lago's or Annabelle's.

        1. I'm excited too!! I love Chipotle and Qdoba (pretty much the same). We need more of them around here!!

            1. re: applehome

              It's not bad for a chain, probably one of the better of the bunch.

              1. re: treb

                Didn't say anything about quality - it's a chain - ergo it ought to be discussed under chains. It's ok to say something specific about this location in the regional board, but once we're discussing food content, etc., it ought to be done under chains.