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Feb 9, 2001 02:04 PM

Lunch Places in North Hollywood/Burbank/Universal Area

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Yes, sounds like a pathetic request. But work has me trapped in a land of Togos, CPK, and Baja Fresh. All of which has it's place -- I mean, there's a huge lunch industry out here. The lines at Poquito Mas, for instance, are insane. But I can't help thinking: there must be some good places here, places off the beaten path, places that aren't chain restaurants, places no one goes to (or at least, don't flock to like lemmings in droves). One such example: ATLAS Sausage makers on Burbank Bl. (between Lankershim and Cahuenga). Authentic German sausage makers -- they're even the ones who make the pepperoni for Wolfgang Puck's pizza (as well as some other sausages for Trader Joes). But they run a little lunch concession, lots of German deli items, and terrific homemade sausages. Not crowded. Authentic, and good -- that is, if German food's your kind of thing.

Now: there must be more out there. Any suggestions? Please? I'm hungry.

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  1. I live in that area. Here's a couple of suggestions. BTW, I had always been curous about ATLAS. Thanks for the info:

    BEST TACO. It's on Magnolia just east of Cahuenga. A little shack that occupies a corner of a Car Wash. Their name says it all. Its cheap and good.

    ERNIES- on Lankershim south of Riverside. The best Gringo Mexican in the area.

    YAMAKAWA - on Riverside just down the street from Trader Joe's. It doesn't look like much but the fish is fresh and its run by a woman and her two kids. Usually packs up at lunch time.

    I don't even know the name of the place but it's in a large strip mall at the corner of Lankershim/Vineland/Camarillo. There a large golf shop and a laundromat, etc. It's caddy corner to the Blockbuster and across Camarillo from Odyssey video. Anyway they make the best pita wrapped sandwhiches I've ever had. (No these aren't the trendy Wraps). Just pick your meat and tell them you want everything on it. I can't reccommend thi place highly enough. And the sandwiches are under $4.

    Hope this wasn't too much info. Let me know what you think

    1. I recently had a great lunch at The Smoke House with my 13 year old daughter, who agrees with their claim that they have the world's best garlic bread. The Smoke House is at 4420 W Lakeside Dr., Burbank - across the street from Warner Brothers. Phone: (818) 845-3731.

      See for a history of The Smoke House and for a brief review. I must say I have had much better service than this reviewer.

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        I'm not as enthusiastic as you about the food at The Smoke House, but this is a rare time when the "feel" of a place is so wonderful that I always take an opportunity to go. It's a wonderful slice of Los Angeles life.

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          My last meal of ribs (a quad bypass stops that) was perfect.Plus the garlic bread and BBQ beans are just amazing.
          As were the toupes on the heads of the wannabe TV execs in the bar.