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Dec 30, 2007 09:54 AM

New Year's Day Brunch in Portland

Does anyone have any suggestions for places that are having a New Year's Day brunch?

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  1. We live on Bailey Island, and we used to take every NY Eve at the Holiday Inn in Bath. About 150 bucks, tips included- as was our dog!
    For that, you got a dinner buffet with Prime Rib, etc. etc etc.- nothing earthshaking but decent quality and clean plates, the latter a rarity with so many buffet places. Room overnight to watch TV, ball drop in NYC, etc. Or you have the option of staying in the 'ballroom' and dancing and drinking the night away to live music.
    Great b'fast buffet next AM. A *lot* of Bath-ites come to that for 15 bucks a head. Typical buffet, however eggs and omelets cooked to order, and a really good bast sausage. Not to mention the Prime Rib, ham, etc from dinner previous niter, still carved to order. (I'll pass on R. beef for breakfast, must be getting typified.)
    After bast, time to go back to room and nap until late checkout at 2PM. After food, tips, etc. I figured room cost 35 dollars or so. The bad news?


    If the package I described sounds good to you, call the Holiday Inn in Bath, Maine and start complaining long and hard and demand that they reinstate it next year. If they do, go! You'll be surprised how nice it is to just get the hell away all day prior and half of New Year's Day- not to mention filling up on food, twice, ranging from decent to Very Good.