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Dec 30, 2007 09:44 AM

Chau chau 3am Saturday night...

2:45 am Chinatown:
East Ocean shut up like a drum
peach farm too I think
Stopped in @ chau chau (looking dive-ier than ever might I say)
we had some simple Chx veg pan fried noodle
& scallops w/ BBeans // Yield :
tough not specially tasty chicken
& kinda rubbery not very great tasting seafood
on the other hand it was 3 in the morning
& I'm sure glad they bother to stay open !
note: the black bean sauce itself was great,
though with lots of strong underdone
1/8 ths of yellow onion
(place was packed @ 3 but we were second
to last ones out, so maybe it was just too late for the kitchen. / ?
But this place, years ago was an old favorite of mine
(usually hit east ocean these days for similar food .
nicer environs, same prices (still a bargain @ $10 for seafood
and I think $6 for the noodles still.

Hounds , are there still good dishes to be had here ?
Or have we just missed the downhill alert posts... ?
cant imagine their live tank fish or lobsters being sub standard.
let us know whats best late nite in the 'town'


The Dude

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I still go to chau chow for some of my favorite dishes:
      sauté chinese water cress/bean vines
      spicey salty squid
      stewed bean curd
      fish w/ stir fried noodles
      any of the soups