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Dec 30, 2007 09:33 AM

"VitaClay" clay pot automatic rice cooker / slow cooker

Has anyone tried the Vita Clay cooker? It looks like a hybrid of a crockpot and rice cooker. The pot is clay.

I'm attracted to this cooker because of the natural clay (vs non-stick) pot. My primary use would be to cook brown rice, steel-cut oats, and other whole grains and cereals. And to experiment with other foods.

I wonder how much added bother this clay pot would give me...

I used my National/Panasonic non-stick rice cooker for 8 years until it broke. I'm also considering a zojirushi fuzzy-logic rice cooker, but I'm not thrilled with the non-stick pot.

For reference, here is are earlier chowhound threads about various rice cooker models and cooking methods:

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  1. Interesting product. Will keep an eye on the comments b/c I've been wanting to get the Sanyo rice cooker.

    1. I have the Zoshi fuzzy logic cooker - it gets a big thumbs up from me. But I'm going to look into your link further.....

      1. anyone have experience/opinions about this cooker? I'm still not sold on the fact that slow cookers out there are lead free. Any rec's for lead free slow cookers? Thermal pots?

        1. The vitaclay is a slow cooker/rice cooker that markets itself as being all natural, having a clay pot. However, the element that heats the pot appears to have been coated with an unstable (possibly lead) galvanized agent that, over time, wears onto the bottom of the bowl. This means that when cleaning the bowl, this coating agent from the cooking element can get into you cleaning materials and other dishes. This is potentially a very hazardous defect, depending on what has been used to galvanize the cooking element for this product.

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            Have you found anything more out about the concerns you brought up with this machine? I'd be interested to know.

          2. I was thinking of buying this very cooker and then did some research. With the right ceramic covered dish, you can use the "pot-in-pot" technique in a pressure cooker with the same effect. Grains, oatmeal, etc. Fast, efficient, and multitasking. You can also pile some vegetables on top if you wish. Search Miss Vickie's PC site.