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For upcoming trip I need suggestions for the Malibu area, all genres, all prices. Thanks.

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  1. While planning our wedding in Malibu, my wife and I visited Spruzzo's several times. Located on the second floor of a mini-mall, almost directly opposite the main entrance to Zuma Beach (i.e. hard-core Malibu, past Point Dume), it has a casual, if odd feel - coffee-shop meets banquet hall meets luxury. Food is terrific, and surprisingly inventive - their "Italian Eggrolls" (very large, mini-burrito sized tubes of pasta stuffed with julienned vegetables, tomato sauce, and cheese, then fried) were a favorite, as was some egg dish the name of which escapes me. Moderately priced, excellent value.

    29575 Pacific Coast Hwy
    Malibu, CA 90265
    (310) 457-8282

    Link: http://www.malibucity.com/news_templa...

    1. I've never eaten at Granita, but it is reputed to be an excellent restaurant. The owner is Wolfgang Puck.

      23725 W Malibu Road
      Malibu, CA
      Phone: 310.456.0488

      Link: http://www.savvydiner.com/losangeles/...

      1. Tony's Taverna (don't know the address -- it's in a sort of shopping center) has the best Greek food I have ever had. We usually go and order appetizers -- they have amazing pita bread, homemade taramosalata, charcoal grilled baby octopus, tabboule. It's a great place to go for lunch on a sunny day, and sit on their patio.

        1. I'll second Taverna Tony (best Greek food I've had in years, good for a romantic dinner for two and fun for a crowd.) We've eaten at Granita--WAY overrated, rather ordinary chow. Geoffrey's on the PCH is expensive, elegant, great food, nice view. My fave for lunch is a right-on-the-beach place near Malibu Colony--I think the name is Beach House or Beach Cafe. You can sit with your feet in the sand, have a great burger, watch the waves...terrific. PS the hamburgers and Chili Fries served at the snack shops at Zuma Beach are really great

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            Barry Strugatz

            Thanks all for the great suggestions...but I'm wondering if there are any Mexican, Thai or sushi places worth checking out?

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              When I was growing up on the Point, Coral Beach Cantina was the default Mexican restaurant. Not altogether terrible. And there is a branch of the not entirely detestable Thai Dishes.

              But for chowhounding, we basically used to take advantage of the fact that West Malibu is only 20 minutes from Oxnard...

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                Barry Strugatz

                Okay, I'll bite...what's good to eat in Oxnard?

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                Anyone have any experience with Nobu in Malibu?

              3. I like The Reel Inn. Fast, plentiful, cheap (especially with mr. KCRW membership card), fresh, casual, looooove the sawdust-on-floor, salty dog ambiance and it's right across from the water. Plus, if you overindulge, you can always sleep it off at the Bates-meets-Baja inn right behind. The food is decent, but it's really the whole experience that's the fun part. Tried a lot of the cheap-y fish houses in Malibu and (somewhat sadly) this is the best I've found thus far...would love to hear if anyone else can set me straight(er).

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                  Barry Strugatz

                  How does it compare to Neptune's Net?

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                    I enjoyed Neptune's Net a lot the one time I went there a couple years back - unfortunately, my hiking/driving companion seems to think Neptune's Net is "too far up the coast" for our jaunts (I know, I know - but I'm very attached to this particular companion). I've heard from a couple people the food @ Reel Inn is better, but I'd trust the opinion a lot more if it came from a bonafide 'hound (...anyone?).