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Dec 30, 2007 09:05 AM

SF - Marina Meats on Chestnut?

Anyone been?

It caught my eye when driving down Chestnut last week. I like the blurb on the website which has the butcher's picture ... seems like someone who takes pride in his work ...

"Marina Meats is pleased to announce the return of Marina native son, Joey Gandolfo, a 3rd generation San Franciscan with over 20 years in the meat, fish and poultry business. For 10 years he was a former owner of Puccinni Meats, located at the present Marina Super location and has spent the past 13 years at Bryan’s Meats."

".His father was part owner of Joe & Ernie’s Fish and Poultry, which was located at Chestnut and Scott for over 20 years. Joey’s grandfather was a Sicilian Fisherman down at SF’s Fisherman’s Wharf. He has established relationships with fish brokers at the Wharf and will hand pick what he presents at Marina Meats every day."

The picture has Mr. Gandolfo holding a big fish.

It looked really nice from my drive-by. Now I'm wishing I stopped.

This is an off-shoot of Marina Super Market. From an old SF Chronicle report ...
" The new store ... will be like a neighborhood butcher,'' says Joe Gandolfo, who will partner with Marina Super owners Dan Manza, Ken Puccini and James Brett in the venture"

2395 Chestnut St
(between Divisadero St & Scott St
)San Francisco, CA 94123
(415) 673-6700

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  1. Yes, my folks have been buying meat there since it opened and they've been very pleased. I've personally tried the lamb, turkey, and ground veal, all of which impressed.

    1. I finally stopped by on Chrismas Eve. Don't know if that is the best time to stop. My whole impression is that it is a good meat market for the area, but it is unlikely I'd go out of my way again to stop by.

      I bought some hot dogs and sausages.

      When I asked if the Italian sausages were made in-house, they said no. Someone in North Beach made them. Both the regular and hot Italian were very one dimensional. All the hot had was heat. The spicing was missing on the mild. A breakfast sausage was fine, but nothing special. Whoever makes the sausage, it isn't Molinari or Little City. I bought some sausage at Little City the same day, and the difference was like night and day. The Little City pack of sausage was so fragrant ... the sausages from MM ... nothing. The one Little City sauage I've had so far, just blew my mind with deliciousness and so many layers of flavor ... especially garlic. Also, when I ask who makes something, I want to know WHO makes it. Not a generic 'someone in North Beach'. I'm not dinging them on that since it was Christmas Eve and probably busier than ususal ... but still.

      The two hot dogs they carry are 'Let's be Frank" and California Meat. I'm assuming 'Let's be Frank" was skinless since when I asked if the other had a casing, the answer was "uuuuuhhhh, yes". If that was true, I'd never go out of my way for "Let's be Frank" again since it was totally devoid of flavor. The other was fine. Not outstanding, but fine.

      They have a few groceries, a little produce and some frozen items like stocks. Nothing was really jumping out at me as worth another visit. If I lived in the Marina, I'd shop there but probably not otherwise.

      Marina Meats
      2395 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA