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Feb 9, 2001 08:37 AM

Squid with Spicy Salt

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I'm looking for a place that makes really good squid with spicy salt. It's usually found in Hong Kong-style barbecue restaurants. The best I've found so far is at BBQ Unlimited on Melrose in Hollywood. And does anyone know what spicy salt is? Is it a specific seasoning or something I can make by combining seasonings?

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  1. Virtually every Hong Kong style seafood restaurant will have this dish. Try ABC or CBS in Chinatown, or any of the larger restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley. I believe spicy salt is merely salt and pepper. You can buy it in the Chinese grocery stores.

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      It's not _merely_ salt and pepper. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but it contains quite a bit of stuff. In Cantonese it's pronounced roughtly 'zheu yeem'. As in zheu yeem ha (shrimp), zheu yeem yow yu (squid), zheu yeem pai gwut (pork chop). These are not very complicated dishes, you could probably find them in just about ANY Chinese restaurants in SGV, large or small.

      1. re: Kev

        ABC sometimes overcooks theirs. I'm a big fan of Regent Cafe in Monterey Park on Garfield and Valley. They also have delicious 8 oz. prime rib with choice of rice or pasta. Also includes: dinner roll, soup AND salad. All for $8.95! Great value and great taste.

        1. re: Kevin

          Full House on Hill has a very good squid with spicy salt. Isn't spicy salt a version of five spice powder? I seem to detect star anise.

          1. re: Deborah

            No, not five spice. It's mostly salt.

            If you are travelling in the Pasadena area, Oak Tree Inn on Fair Oaks in South Pas has excellent squid with spicy salt, as well as terrific Peking Duck.

            But nobody ever seems to make the squid as good as the late, great Wonder Seafood in Alhambra. They closed suddenly many years ago -- early 90s. Probably tax problems. It was always packed, so it wasn't due to a lack of business!

            1. re: Louise

              In NYC, and, I assume, other places, a tad of five spice powder is often included in the seasoning for "salt and pepper" or salt baked squid - but not always. I think it adds a lot.

              However, I dont believe 5-spice is normally part of that the roasted salt/pepper dipping condiment one i served with fried foods sometimes.

        2. re: Kev

          The other thing that the "spicy salt" dishes always have is chilis, usually minced seranno type chilis. This is what gives them the spicy part.