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Dec 30, 2007 08:21 AM

Grace's Kitchen frozen foods

Does anyone know if they have gone out of business? Their frozen foods are being sold at 50% off in Shaw's markets, here on the East Coast. The website is down and I tried to call their restaurant in Seattle but get a constant busy signal.

I tried the frozen Neiman Ranch Pork with peaches only because it was half off. You have to do the cooking yourself but it's restaurant quality and a bargain at the reduced price. Originally listed as 7.99 each, the package has two servings. Everythin inside is indivdually wrapped so you can make one serving at a time if you want, which is what I do.

I stocked up on the pork, especially with the 50 cent coupons inside that I collected, which gave me another $1 off when doubled. So for$2.99 I get two pork and peach entrees, just add veggies and you've got a great meal.

So I'm guessing they went out of business but too bad, I wish I had tried them sooner. If anyone has any additional info, please post.

2821 NW Market St • Seattle, Washington 98107 • (206) 297-3663

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  1. They're just down the street from us. My husband mentioned tonight that there's a "FOR LEASE" sign in the window, and although their signs are still up, it appears they are gone. I tried their number too, and I also get a fast busy signal. I feel bad that I never bought their products, but they were never on sale, even here in the neighborhood.

    1. They've apparently been bought out by United Natural Foods, Inc. In the Seattle area their products are still available, at least for the moment, through the delivery service.

      Their mushroom risotto cakes are fabulous, cheap (4.99 for two servings through and a snap to put together, especially if you thaw them first. I've looked all over Seattle for them, first they disappeared from QFC, then from the Madison Market.

      I found the reference to, which I'd not heard of before, through a google search on "grace's kitchen" that took me to a reference on If you google "united natural foods inc." you'll get the corporate website, but it's aimed more at investors than consumers.

      Good luck.