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Dec 30, 2007 07:15 AM

Olive Oil Tasting in LA

I figure in a town like this there's got to be an organized tasting somewhere. I checked the archives here and ran a google search but no luck so far. I'm looking to get educated and have some fun, in the vein of a good wine tasting. I'm in the Los Feliz area but would travel almost anywhere in the county for good olive oil; anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Don't have any LA information. Follow this link to the Calif. board where there is some info about this in other parts of Calif. not covered by the LA board:

    1. Surfas used to have an assortment of oils and breads to taste and staff to help. Probably not as informed as you'd like but its a start. Have not been since they relocated so I'd call ahead and ask. In Culver City in the helms building.

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        I'm sure he is at other Farmers Markets but definitely at the Saturday Pasadena High School market, there is a vendor who has may olive oils among other things such as balsamic vinegars, etc. that you can taste while he educates.

      2. There's a great new olive oil tasting bar in Long Beach on 2nd street called "We Olive" that you must check out. It's a spectacular little place with california olive oils.

        1. When I'm in culver city, I usually do a Surfas run where I get my olive oil called M California. I use that for any fancy type of dishes or where olive oil is the primary ingredient like a pasta (checca) or salad dressing. For every day olive oil, I use Trader Jo'ss Santini -- for sauteeing and stuff. So I have a "good" olive oil and an every day one.

          Of note -- when we travel to wine country (Napa valley, Los Olivos or Paso Robles), we usually pick up a nice bottle of olive oil at one of their marks and sometimes, you can go to the actually source so if you travel, be on the lookout for that.

          1. Tony at the Beverly Hills Cheese store did an olive oil tasting (alongside cheese and wine) during one of his monthly tastings last year. It was definitely not the first time he had done this, so maybe he'll do it again? If you're really anxious and you're not alone, I am sure Tony would entertain the idea of a private tasting.