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Feb 8, 2001 07:16 PM


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well, after all that talk a few weeks ago about breakfasts, i had to check out jinky's in sherman oaks. the restaurant is a 3 room "cafe" that serves breakfast & lunch monday through saturday from 7:30 - 2:30. first, the food: i tried their flaky french toast (honey nut corn flakes covering egg bread), buttermilk pancakes, and banana & macademia nut pancakes. the hit was the banana & macademia nut pancakes. the banana & macademia nuts are on top of the pancakes - not in the batter. very, very good. the flaky french toast were pretty good and the regular buttermilk pancakes were just ok. the service was friendly and efficient. the atmosphere is simple and comfortable. good place if you live close by, but not spectacular enough for a long drive IMO.

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  1. i like jinky's but don't like the wait and there are always too many hollywood wannabe's jabbering about nothing.

    it didn't used to be so cool (if you know what i mean) a few years back and it was much better (I.M.(not so)H.O.)