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Recommendations in Meat Packing District

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I need a recommendation for an early dinner this Friday in the Meat Packing District or close to that area. No price restrictions, we will be dressed casual though, the only type of food we do not prefer is Indian. Any help would be great.

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  1. Vento is good for Italian - small plates, pizzas, etc. Spice Market has delicious SE Asian food from Jean-Georges. Pastis is a classic.

    1. Try Son Cubano - Which is cuban fare with live music at nights. Also there are many places inside Chelsea Market which serve a variety from steak, seafood, thai etc...

      1. Vento is a good choice (as mentioned by nycgrl71) and I like Pastis as well.

        1. I like Florent. Fun atmosphere, good food.

          1. I've really enjoyed Fig & Olive-- mediterranean food.

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              La Luncheonette on 18th and 10th

            2. I'm a sucker for Buddakan...delicious food served in a truly unique and Meat Packing-esque atmosphere.

              1. All good choices but my top vote is for Florent or Pastis

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                  other than florent places above are mediocre disneyland types of joints

                2. The place to eat is Los Dados @ 73 Gansevoort St. Great Mexican food that has wonderful music and the drinks are real good, price is right. Give them a call 646 810-7290...

                  1. Thanks for all the recommendations however, I have not found one yet that we can all agree on. If I extend out to Chelsea and the west village do you have any additional thoughts. We are looking for good food in a casual setting. Thanks.

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                        Now you're talking my game.
                        Why, Crispo of course.
                        Hands down!

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                          oh yeah, crispo is a great spot. had my b-day there. it was very delish

                        2. I've been to Craft steak a zillion times and can reccomend that. although its a steakhouse, the raw bar and desserts stand out as especially good in my mind.

                          1. Thanks for your recommendations. I too enjoy Crispo, but I was just there last Friday. I think we are going to try The Spotted Pig.

                            1. The Spice market on 9th Ave. Hands down the best around that aera