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Dec 30, 2007 06:41 AM

dining @ NJPAC

any comments on the restaurant @ NJ PAC? , or maybe someplace within walking distance of same? going to a show and only want to park car once. restaurant seems pricey, $50 p/p pre-fixe or $42 w/o dessert. They have a bar menu but not sure if that takes reservations, going to check later in the week but appreciate any recs for nearby walking distance (and i mean 2-3 blocks...). THX

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  1. hello you might want to try don pepes it is walking distance they have good seafood and steaks if you turn you back on tha pac center and look east you can see it

    1. I asked this same question almost a year ago and received only three responses:

      I don't know if The Savoy Grill is still open. Their web site seems to have disappeared.

      Maize, in the Robert Treat Hotel, is very close to the NJPAC (you can enter the hotel from the underground parking lot) but I never went so cannot comment on it one way or another.

      Added in Edit: You might try posting your question on the Tri-State board as well.

      1. The New York Times published an article on this very topic a few weeks ago - go to and use the search tool - it comes right up - comments on the restaurants within the center, as well as the surrounding area.

        1. There are now two lunch and dinner options in NJPAC. Theater Square Grill is open for lunch and dinner daily with an a la carte menu and the prix fixe menu on performance nights. There is also the new, more casual Theater Square Bistro (the former bar/lounge area) that serves a moderately priced, French bistro-style a la carte menu every night, including weekends. Both take reservations, 973 642 1226. Parking at NJPAC is $1 with lunch every day.

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            Thanks John Harding, I had a note to call about whether the bistro takes resv but u answered it! Grazie.

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              when in Newark, you should always make a visit to the ironbound for portuguese. not sure about distance etc from one to the other, but check out Forno's or Iberia. there is also a Brazilian place closer to NJPAC, but i cannot remember the name..