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Dec 30, 2007 06:21 AM

Tyson's Tavern - Baltimore

TT has been under new management for a while. Finally made it back and I wanted to give a shout-out.

New Owner is a veteran of the B'more restaurant scene (Hampton's, Charthouse, etc.). Owning this place is kind of a dream-come-true for him, so he's putting a lot of his own energy into making it work. Fo example, he makes his own stocks and gravies, hand cuts his fries, roasts his own beef, etc.. I can highly recommend the cream of crab soup - which uses both chicken and fish stock and a lot of crab meat. For dinner, we had the hot roast beef sandwich and a scallop special - both of which were very good.

Wine list is interesting for a neighborhood place, and he has a good selection of beer, including one ("Original Flag Porter") which is brewed from yeast salvaged from a 1825 shipwreck.

Finally, there's a lot of history to this place, and the new owner loves to talk about it.

If you've had a hard day and need somewhere to grab a bite and relax without breaking the bank, this place is as good as any.

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    1. re: tennisgal1206

      On the north side of Fleet St. just east of S. Chester, kind of at the border between Fells Point and Canton. It's a few doors down from Kislings, and across the street from the Loading Dock liquor store.

      1. re: Hal Laurent

        Thanks Hal. I'll have to get a group of friends together to check it out.

    2. I want to second your post. We went here a few months back and had a great time. Super friendly staff. We got the friend pickles (never had before, they were good) and meatloaf (very yummy- but I am also very easy to please when it comes to meatloaf). I can't remember what my boyfriend got (some kind of sandwich), but he liked it. They have live music on the weekends and it always sounds good when we are walking by.

      Definately a chill place to go, hang out, get some good food, and have a drink. It is already non-smoking so that is a HUGE plus for us.

      We also had a lot of fun reading the history of the building on the back of the menus.

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      1. re: enginerd

        I went with two friends last night. I must admit being quite taken by the beer batter fried pickles. And, they are served with freshly grated horseradish sauce, which was great. I had the Greek salad special (well, nothing much to report about that; standard decent salad, but HUGE) and french fries and gravy. (My friends and I all thought the fries were excellent; so along with the fried pickles, they've got it together in the throwing food into vats of hot oil front! The owner told us that they fry in trans-fat free oil, so we decided to call this New York City style frying!)

        Anyway, one friend had the eggplant parm pannini which was really nothing special. Far too saucy and cheesy (in addition to mozzarella, there was also ricotta). My other friend ordered the burger, but ordered it MEDIUM, so I couldn't tell just how good i was, but he thought it a damned good burger.

        The owner waited on tables and took much delight in explaining menu offerings. I found this incredibly charming, since basically the menu is bar food. But, it is really great to eat bar food cooked with care.

        I also liked the unpretentious, rather plain atmosphere It was also one of those rare Canton/Fells Point pub places that did not have the tv on in the dining room, and wasn't filled with a loud, rowdy, out on Friday night crowd. All big pluses in my book, and despite a full dining room, it actually felt a bit intimate.

        I can easily see returning

        1. re: baltoellen

          Were the fried pickles spears or chips? Fried pickle chips with yellow mustard is an old Okie tradition, but the only time i've seen them here they were serving spears, which was just weird.

          1. re: JonParker

            They were spears. Actually spears that were quartered. And, certainly not my fav hot sour kind for a deli, but those sort of neon green restaurant dill pickles. I could see pickle chips being superior since I think there would be less of a chance of the pickle breaking free from the batter!

            1. re: baltoellen

              I went to Tyson's not too long after they opened and wasn't impressed...with all this talk of fried pickles and fries with gravy, though, it might be time to go back :)

              1. re: sistereurope

                The owner/waiter said that he's had the place for seven months. So, maybe since your first visit?

                1. re: baltoellen

                  I haven't been there since the change in ownership then...perhaps we'll check it out soon. Thanks Ellen!

              2. re: baltoellen

                They are superior. I would love to find a place around here that does them. In Oklahoma they were an off-menu item at Sonic Drive In, among other places.

                I'd like to find a local place that does Frito chili pie as well. Hard Times does it, but they closed their Columbia location.

                1. re: JonParker

                  Golden West has fried dill pickles on their menu now but I'm not sure if they are spears or chips. They also have Frito Pie but it wasn't a winner at our table the one time we tried it.

                  1. re: ktracy

                    Rocket to Venus has fried pickle spears too. I don't get it, chips would be so much better.

                    1. re: hon

                      visited tyson's last nite just for drinks and atmosphere. cozy and quaint decor. the owner was very accomodating. the wine and beer lists were thoughtful and very reasonably priced. can't wait to try the food.

                      1. re: hon

                        yeah, "fried pickles" and anything with the word "slider" attached seems to be very popular & popping up everywhere.

          2. Nice to hear it's under new ownership. I'll go back & give it another try.

            I went in last year and was really disappointed by the beer selection & atmosphere. The place was a mess, and only had a few bland beers on tap. I spied a Duvel in the cooler & asked for that & the bartender looked at me like I was nuts & said, "nobody drinks that stuff." I wondered if I'd wandered into the wrong place, because I'd heard Tyson's was a british pub-style bar with a good beer selection. I finished my beer and wandered off down the road to Ale Mary's (which has an awesome beer selection).

            The exterior architecture of Tyson's is really lovely.

            1. We've been going here a lot lately. They have fun, live music most nights (no cover), which is a nice ending to a meal, plus you get to support local musicians. I agree this is a great place to hang out, and enjoy a nice meal and some drinks. I had the ribeye special this week and loved it, cooked medium rare as ordered, and it was large enough to serve two. Of course, I finished it off myself! This is a good place to go for a nice relaxing meal, in a casual atmosphere. Stop in a few times and you'll be on a first name basis with the owners - it's that kind of a place.

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                  1. re: Dinner Club

                    I visited last weekend with 3 friends. The beer and wine selections were great, as were the jalapeno poppers. Aside from those, the rest of all our food were duds. I would go again for beer and wine. The atmosphere somehow avoids the noisy college kids.

                    1. re: hawaiigrl2003

                      Anyone been here lately? Being taken for music and wondered if I should eat elsewhere before.

                      1. re: chowsearch

                        SO the bottom line was the fries were just great, using trans-fat-free fryer oil, but the fried pickles were mostly only modestly tasty, voluminous batter, very filling, precluding trying anything after. The specials sounded good. Quite pleasant overall, though very few were actually having meals. DR nearly empty, bar part filled with music fans.