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Dec 29, 2007 09:14 PM

Harris Ranch 2007/8

We're thinking of/planning to stay at Harris Ranch in about a week--overnight en route from Palm Spring area home to San Francisco. Maybe we're thinking ironically--maybe just being curious. Last posts about Harris Ranch I see on Chowhound are from 2005. Has anyone been there, say, within the last six to nine months? Want to warn us off? Tell us what to order?

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  1. We stay/eat there about twice a year. They don't charge room tax so we usually upgrade the room a bit and have a nice late afternoon. In the steakhouse they will do a split charge of $6-7 and its plenty for two. Stop worrying that the diners are French Laundry are getting a better meal and enjoy. It's still the best bet for a nice stop on your route.

    1. We use a butcher who gets some of his beef from Harris Ranch and the hamburgers are superb. I almost think this is what makes them so fabulous at the Hungry Cat in Santa Barbara - they take the humble hamburger to .... a whole 'nuther level .... so here is hoping one can still have a good meat dining experience there.

      1. We stayed there in June 07 in route to the Eggs by the Bay fest. It is a really quaint place. In the summer, the cattle were quite ripe, but I understand it is not as bad in the winter. Great steaks and nice wine list in the restaurant. Really good fresh baked pastries in the morning.