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Dec 29, 2007 07:14 PM

Looking for Russian grocery store in Montreal

Does anyone know of a Russian grocery store in Montreal?

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  1. Vova (5225 Parc, 514 278-3411) is more a bakery/pastry shop/caterer but has a number of Russian products.

    If you search for grocers, you'll come up with three pages of hits.

    1. 'Bucharest' on the west side of Decarie, just south of Queen Mary, is a big Eastern European grocery store. They carry all sorts of stuff and also make some of their own cool things.

      There are also a couple of small Russian and/or Eastern European food shops along Decarie in that area (between 'Bucharest' and Cote-Saint-Catherine).

      What are you looking for?

      1. I have no idea what the name is, but there is one not far from my place that I believe carries strictly Russian products. It is on Sherbrooke Street West, just a few doors away from Chalet BBQ. Sorry I can't be more specific---terrible with names and worse with directions.

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          It's called St. Petersbourg, and the sign outside says its carried Epicerie Fine et Europeenne - it's between Decarie and Girouard on the South Side of Sherbrooke.

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            The St. Petersberg moved further west on Sherbrooke W. It's in the basement level of the complex by Sherbrooke St & Marcil across from Girouard Parc.

          2. New huge Russian grocery store on Queen Mary road. On the south side of the street east of decarie between Westbury and Lemieux right in front of the Subway.
            t has a very complete selection of everyday Russian products meats fish ,prepared dishes and Russian Charcuterie and freshly baked goods. you must go there with someonewho reads and speaks Russian however but it is very very authentic and amply stocked with very fresh products.

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              Would you know its name? I actually have a friend who speaks Russian fluently who lives right around there.

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                that would be Ella's Deli (at 4968-B Queen Mary Rd.; 514 904-0925). There is another Ella's Deli at 5555 Westminster in CSL, in the strip mall just North of Cote St. Luc Rd., and there's Terem at 5655 Decarie Blvd. (East side, South of Cote Ste. Catherine Rd.)
                In my experience, in any of these stores, the cashier may greet you in Russian but they usually understand (and speak) English or French well enough.

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