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Dec 29, 2007 06:46 PM

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

I have just acquired a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. Does anyone have advice or recipes besides what's in the documentation? Thanks.

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  1. It works great but it's really loud. I recommend it for slushy margaritas. Get the Cuervo pre-mixed variety and get your grown up slurpee on.

    1. I recommend buying a copy of The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz. I've tried multiple recipes from it and all of them have been terrific. You get rich, smooth, creamy ice cream that is packed with flavor. It's exactly what homemade ice cream should taste like!

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      1. re: DeborahB

        I ordered The Perfect Scoop last month...I've made the basic French Vanilla Custard a few times wtih variations. I have some cinnamon custard chilling htis morning to churn up later today. The ice cream maker has been buried in our "gadgetorium" (guest closet turned kitchen storage!) for the last couple years not used much but we've been really giving it a workout the last couple months. There's lots of delicious looking recipes/ideas in this book we're looking forward to trying.

        1. re: ziggylu

          I made two batches of the Vietnamese Coffee ice cream today. Sadly, I only ended up with two quarts. Well, almost two quarts, minus the tasting.

          1. re: dolores

            could you provide a recipe for the Vietnamese coffee ice cream, sounds yummy! TIA.

            1. re: Anne H

              Here you go, Anne H.


              I made a few modifications -- I used a 14oz. can of condensed milk and a full cup of half and half to make 4 cups of liquid and 1 quart of ice cream. I made the coffee from Cafe Bustelo instant coffee, and made it very strong to my taste.

              It gets a little icy when frozen, I imagine because it is not custard based, but given a little time to thaw, it tasted reallllly good to me.

            2. re: dolores

              Alas I wasn't paying attention and didn't realize my husband had put the custard in the outside freezer to to the canister for the ice cream maker! D'oh! So no cinnamon ice cream today. Planning to try again tomorrow with the refrozen bowl!

              The Vietnamese coffee has caught my eye and is on my list to definitely try!

              1. re: ziggylu

                ziggylu, it was my first attempt and worked out well, I have to admit.

                I want to try a custard based ice cream in the future. I bought both the Ben & Jerry and Perfect Scoop books, they both look like good resources.

                Have to watch it, though, homemade ice cream appears to be a dangerous thing to have in the house.

            3. re: ziggylu

              I just made the malted milk ball (or whatever the actul title is) ice cream from the Perfect scoop. Fantastic! The avocado was good too. I was dying to try it after seeing Alton Brown make it too. The whole family was skeptical, but ended up enjoying it. My toddler loved it too... no preconcieved notions.

              Next up is the sweet potato... only b/c I have the ingredients lying around.

              I make it all in my Cuisinart IC maker. I only have one bowl left after I dropped one and the guts started leaking out. :(

          2. jfood normally sticks to the Ben And Jerry's Book. Planning on some banana ice cream this afternoon.

              one bloggers love affair with homemade ice cream.
              We acquired a Krups Ice Cream Maker a few moons ago and rarely go a month without creating some creamy concotion. Enjoy the gift!

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              1. re: HillJ


                Here's some blind faith in you from jfood. and faith well placed

                Just made the banana #1 and it is by far the best banana ices cream jfood has ever eaten. He made the base last night and into the fridge. Used 3 nice and ripe bananas and into the cuisinart. One head's up that the amount does not fit as one batch in the Cuisinart. Needed to make it in two batches. No biggie, just a head's up and more ice cream for jfood.

                This is outstanding and recieves a 10 on the jfood scale.

                Thank you so much and have a great new year.

                1. re: jfood

                  hi jfood, glad you enjoyed it! Our Krups does accommodate the batch; deeper bucket perhaps. After years of freezing over ripe bananas for breads & muffins, I wholeheartedly agree a much *better* use is ice cream. Happy New Year to you and the jfoods!

              2. I have been having a wonderful time making sorbets. I started with the lemon sorbet in the booklet that comes with the Cuisinart, very yummy. I believe I made another one from the booklet, and then branched out. I had just discovered a South American grocery that sells maracuya juice and mora juice, and used those to make sorbets just improvising based on the recipes. For Thanksgiving, I made carrot sorbet and red pepper sorbet - okay if you like that kind of thing. As a corrective to too much weirdness, I poured several cups of cranberry juice into the machine (right out of the bottle) and that made a sorbet that wasn't bad, either (better to get a concentrate, it was a little weak, the only criticism I'd make).

                The coffee ice cream recipe in the booklet, the only cream based recipe I made without radically cutting back the cream, is incredible.

                In short, you are going to love this machine!