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Dec 29, 2007 06:06 PM

Bloor West Village TO-dinner recommendation?

I have an old friend meeting me in Toronto on a Saturday night. I am looking for an good but reasonable restaurant where we can get caught up over dinner. Does anyone have any recommendations for that area? We would be flexible on types of food. Thanks

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  1. Hopefully you meant next saturday otherwise please ignore this post.

    Dr. Generosity on Bloor east of Runnymede may fit the bill. Cosy. fantastic card of comfort food. great selection of beers on tap. prices are definitely reasonable. My go-to place in the neighbourhood.

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    1. re: yoyodyne

      I tend to disagree. I had a bad experience at Dr. G and so did others.
      I would suggest Villa/La Strada, Yama sushi

      1. re: blue bike

        care to elaborate? i've been there twice in the past week (once for dinner and once for brunch) and thoroughly enjoyed everything from soup to nuts. Had the burger for dinner and it was perfectly cooked with fantastic fries. And as always, the eggs benny (with sweet potato fries) for brunch was fantastic. Service is friendly without being intrusive and the ambience is charmingly unpretentious.

        @Bumpkin: If you're looking for something along the lines of il fornello, then villa/strada may fit the bill (I understand they're owned by the il fornello chain). Yama's a solid pick for japanese. Or if you want some down home eastern european fare, you could try Amber. Simply Thai Cuisine is another option if you're looking for something a little spicier.

        1. re: yoyodyne

          'care to elaborate?'

          The fries were cold and soggy, the coffee cold and watery and the apple pie mediocre. But served with attitude. That was my experience few years ago. When I mentioned about it (recently) to a friend who works in the area, she said she stoped going for lunch there or the same reasons: cold fries, cold soup and lots of attitude. Did we both catch the staff on a bad day?!

        2. re: blue bike

          Here's another vote for Dr. G. We really enjoyed our meal and the service was great. It's definitely worth a try.

          1. re: Marniee

            I was at Dr. G's today for brunch and had a really good club, hot sweet potato fries and decent coffee. It's our standard neighbourhood cheap and easy place to go...I haven't had a bad time there in the dozen or more times I've been there. The calamari isn't that great, but otherwise, the rest is pretty good for what it is. I don't know that I'd go there for a nice meal with an out of town guest, but for an everyday kind of place in Bloor West Village, I'd say its a good option,,,

            I'm really not a fan of Simply Thai, I can't remember what I'd had there the last time I was there but I remember thinking I would never go back. (not that helpful of a description, I know..)

            Queen's Pasta is a pretty reliable place, with so-so service. I've been there 7 or 8 times and have only been really disappointed with the food once. I usually get the penne with peppers and pasta or the goat cheese ravioli.

      2. A little noisy but Merlot is always reliable.

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          That is if you like badly executed versions of french bistro dishes. The only reason I keep going back is for the charcuterie plate. It's quite tasty, and I love how they serve it - with the traditional giant jar of cornichons...