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Dec 29, 2007 06:02 PM

Anbody try Bouchees Bristro in Long Beach?

sounds intriguing...

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  1. We locals hope this place makes it, but there are fears. It's in such a horrible location - steps from Wal-Mart and facing the blue line. Ugh. Most of its business comes from destination diners, not foot traffic, so the place isn't usually full.

    The concept is kind of like The Counter and Burger Bar - 'Build your own burger' with a gourmet and miniaturize-it twist. You can get a mini version of any burger -off the menu or one you design yourself. Very nicely put together and on great domed buns. You can get angus, turkey, ahi, veggie patties and tons of sauces and topping options. Their parmesan topped fries are pretty good - crispy. The veggie pattie and homemade ketchup are a bit strange/different but passable. I like my Heinz. The crab cake burger is made with a substantial amount of real crab but is extremely rich. The owner/manager is personable and accommodating. First visit had some expected 'new business' flaws which were quickly resolved by the owner (e.g. fries never came so they made a new batch and comped it; slow service; wrong beer on bill so they took that off too which they didn't need to do).

    I have been here twice and plan to continue. It's a nice gourmet touch to downtown LB but again, it would be more fitting in Belmont Shores or if downtown was fixed up more. I hope it makes it.

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      I'll check it out this weekend. Thanks. Wish downtown was a better venue than it is. Bad planning on the part of our fair city.

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        that's much the same as my take. i ate there last weekend. i wanted to love the place, the chef comes out and obviously cares so much. the food was pretty good. but the service was inept beyond belief. i had soup, my wife had a sandwich, and it took a full 20 minutes for the sandwich to be delivered after i'd gotten my soup. and then when the bill came, i realized they'd switched ours with the table next door ($60 v. $20). there do seem to be a lot of workers for not many customers and not much effect. i kept thinking this would make a great "kitchen nightmares" episode.