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Dec 29, 2007 05:49 PM

Interesting Obit-Peg Bracken, 1918-2007

I had never heard of this author or of her iconic "The I Hate to Cook Book" (1960), but she sounds like my kind of lady. My favorite quote: "It would never sell, they told her, because 'women regard cooking as sacred'". The article says it wasn't about her hating to cook, but that, at the time, it was many women's job to come up with 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, with no help or takeout available, and she had the nerve to say it wasn't always fun.

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  1. I grew up reading her in my mothers Family Circle each month. The books are funny too. They show up a bit at thrift stores these days. She made a lot of people smile over the years!

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      I used to read her column in Family Circle, as well. I remember one article in which she lamented that fact that cooking had become sort of an exhibition sport and competitive event. I still think of that comment whenever I read some hopelessly complicated recipe for entertaining guests that contains ingredients I've never heard of! She was a true treasure!

    2. Been a Bracken fan since day one. I like her style and attitude as well as her recipes.

      1. Bless her. 'Peg' Brackens "I Hate to Cook Book" is a real treasure on soooo many levels. If you haven't read it or don't own it, fix that asap.

        1. The godmother of quick-and-easy. 75% of food network personalities should have been at her funeral to pay tribute!

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            True, but, OTOH, unlike Sandra Lee, she didn't "save" all that time then go blow it decorating the food or going shopping for and setting up "tablescapes". She took it and got the heck out of the kitchen! It's a place I love to be, but the idea of being obligated to be in there most hours of every day.... (shudder).

          2. Gotta love a recipe that begins: "1/4 cup bourbon, plus more for you"!

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              Yes! And the first line of instructions that says "First, take the bourbon out of the cupboard and have a small snort for medicinal purposes."

              And her recipe for port and walnuts is fun too. The NYT article is worth a read for the laughs alone.