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Dec 29, 2007 05:43 PM

Pescatarian Mom in London for One Dinner

My mother and I have one night in London on our way to India in mid January.
We are staying at King's Cross, we won't get to our hotel until 5 pm and leave the next morning at 8. (sorry London, back for longer next time!)
We want a nice dinner- she's pretty much a vegan with the occasional exception, I'm an adventurous foodie who likes anything delicious.
Dinner needs to have comfortable and pleasant ambiance, complex and delicious flavors, and vegetarian or at least fish only options.
This could be anything from a brewpub to Thai to French- it just has to be relatively easy to get to (we won't have many warm clothes) and memorable and wonderful!
Your help is greatly appreciated!
-Alaskan Foodie

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  1. PS it's a Sunday night.