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Feb 5, 2001 03:16 PM

Holy gnocchi!

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As I sit here chained to my desk eating the rest of last nite's veal parmagiana (even chowhounds need comfort food every now & then), I am moved to pass along La Grubbe's praise for, in her opinion, her best-ever gnocchi. These lightest, fluffiest potato darlin's were served, at her request, in a light radicchio cream sauce. Gnocchi being her benchmark for Italian, she was absolutely delighted with Tavola Calda on Melrose. As a bonus, our carpaccio starter was delightful as well. And surprisingly, our server was upbeat, informed, and attentive. Who knew?

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  1. Whilst on the subject of gnocchi, I must share an ecstatic moment from my first ever dinner at Campanile (last week - just moved into the neighborhood and a friend's birthday was the perfect excuse for a walk down the block to this temple of doom, I mean, of gastronomie): ricotta gnocchi. It felt like I was eating the clouds from heaven! So light, they melted on my tongue. Served in a subtle broth with a touch of steamed spinach and a tiny shaving of black truffle, I could not get enough. I get weak just thinking about them. Everything we sampled that evening was so wonderful, but the gnocchi were divine!

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      I agree totally with your assessment of the ricotta gnocchi. It was among the lightest gnocchi I've ever had. But, unless they've changed this ingredient, I believe the "spinach" you referred to was actually nettles. At least that's what came with the dish when I ate there a couple of weeks ago.

      Thank you Lord for Campanile!