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Dec 29, 2007 05:04 PM

Cast iron and self-cleaning ovens

So I have a cast iron frying pan that I want to unseason so I can reseason it. I understand that I can run the pan through the self cleaning cycle of my oven. I also am of the understanding that the racks in the oven should be removed because they're not designed to withstand that kind of heat. If both of these assumptions are true, then what do I put the pan on in the oven while it's cleaning itself??
My guess: the racks actually can withstand the heat and everything should be fine.



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    1. Been there: done that. First, put the cast iron skillet on a rack up-side-down. Then put some foil on the rack below it. This will catch any chunks that fall off the skillet.

      You don't ruin the racks. They loose their shine and don't slide in and out as well. But when you take the skillet out it'll be covered with grey dust. When you wipe that away, it's a thing of beauty, by golly.

      1. Thanks for the help. My racks still work fine and after a light sanding, my pan is freshly seasoned and ready to roll.