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Feb 5, 2001 01:37 PM

Vegeterian restaurants in Ocean Park area???????

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After eating everything mentioned on these boards, I finally had a quadruple bypass, and am eating no animal products except fish (but no shellfish.)
I know that Mani's Bakery has plenty to eat-but where else? Or what stores have vegeterian takeout?

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    Richard Foss

    The Indo Cafe on Pico has a large selection of vegetarian items, with still more that are vegetarian except for a bit of fish sauce. I'm going there later this week, and I'll post a report.

    1. I'd reccomend trying out Mrs. Winston's salad bar at 2901 Ocean Park Blvd. near Santa Monica Airport. (310) 452-7770 Not sure on thier hours.

      They have a great variety to choose from -- many choices of lettuces, sprouts, good prepared items especially some of the tofu, lots of different veggies (some organic). They also have very nice fruit and other snacks. You can eat outside on patio or take your salad to go. Priced by the pound. Mrs. Winston also has a Century City location in the ABC Center.

      1. Check out George Burgers on 3101 Lincoln in Santa Monica. Now hold on - its a Greek burger place but check out their Garden burger. The place is on the east side of stately Lincoln ave near Navy, between Ocean Park and Rose.