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Station House Cafe in Point Reyes Station

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I wanted to go to Nick's Cove, but we had to be in Inverness at 2, so we decided to stay in Point Reyes Station. The Station House Cafe was larger than I'd realized and very crowded, with a birthday party going on in back. We got our drinks right away, but had to wait more than half an hour for our food. When we finally flagged down our waiter, he told us the kitchen had lost our ticket. After that, the food came quickly, but I'm not sure he ever would have noticed us if we hadn't complained. I really liked my fried oyster po' boy. The potato roll was nice and squishy, the oysters crispy on the outside and almost molten inside. The fries were good, too, but the coleslaw was tasteless. My SO didn't care for his pulled beef torta (a special). He said the meat was soupy and spicier in some parts than in others. I didn't try it. The drinks were comped -- that was nice. Still, I wouldn't go back. (BTW, does anyone know how long it would have taken to drive to Nick's Cove? I sort of wish we'd stuck to that plan.)

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  1. The Station House has gone waaaaaay downhill in the past few years. It sounds like you actually had a really good experience there, all things considered.

    They have a very nice garden for outdoor dining on sunny days. If I could get a beer or a drink and hang out in the garden -- skipping the food -- I'd be happy. But they're usually too busy for that. Better just to get some good grub at Tomales Bay Foods/Cowgirl Creamery and take it to a picnic table on the water somewhere.

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      Yes, I love to picnic. But yesterday was very cold.

    2. It's about 20 minutes from Point Reyes Station to Nick's Cove, depending on traffic and weather. 11 miles.