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Dec 29, 2007 04:02 PM

City Island--what's good?

I went to City Island for dinner last night for the first time in years--and as I drove down City Island Ave past all of these restaurants--I wondered which ones 'hounds would recommend, if any. I ate at Sammy's Fishbox, which was good. I ordered the broiled sea scallops--which wasn't very risky--and the scallops were fresh and cooked pretty close to perfect. A friend I was with for dinner said that his favorite restaurant on the island is the Crab Shanty. Any suggestions, comments, or stories are welcome!!

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  1. My favorite lunch spot is Artie's - right on City Island Ave. My Mom and I get cravings for their lobster club sandwiches all the time. Sometimes, we'll phone in a take-out order just before the lunch hours end, and then drive down to get it. It's one of our favorite "dashboard diner" meals! It's a good spot for dinner too - for seafood and Italian. But definitely go there during lunch hours for the lobster club!

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      I agree about Artie''s also the most creative spot on City Island...weekly specials give extra pizzazz to the traditional and contemporary menu selections...recent specials have included fine versions of: Filet Mignon Wellington; a great Chicken Scarpariello; Lamb Osso Buco; and Chatham Cod. Good steaks and chops. The new look in the bar/lounge is inviting too...(I heard that Lobster Rolls will soon be making an appearance on the lunch menu!)...The kitchen here definately makes up for the lack of water view...portions are generous and prices reasonable for City Island...give it a try.