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Feb 4, 2001 02:58 AM


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Just a little warning to all the folks on this board. Have been a regular customer to Cynthia's on Third St for many years and have always enjoyed the food and Cynthia's own brand of hosting. But tonight I went there with a group and had a terrible experience. The food was the same, but the service was incredibly poor and rude. And while in the past I and my guests have found the host's amorous behavior to be slightly eccentric, yet still fun, tonight it was embarassing to the point that I can't say I will ever return. Saying more might violate the policies of this board, but suffice to say that I would never recommend Cynthias to any friends or colleagues in the future. Has anyone else noticed things getting out of hand???

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  1. There was an old thread that started around August of last year on la.eats. I pasted the link to the archive. I hope it's clickable. In case it isn't, it's titled "Cynthia's on 3rd, east of La Cienega". Basically it echoed your feelings about the attitude of Cynthia's. There was a post where the hostess shot back, "What do you want me to do, dance for you?" when the diner objected to the shabby treatment that they were receiving.

    I've eaten there. I'm not a regular, and I didn't have horrible service laced with attitude. Just slow service and food that was slightly worse than Cheesecake Factory at about one and a half times the price. I was not compelled to return.


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      Jessica Ritz

      I’ve only been twice, but boy, do we all have our Cynthia's testimonies. While we're in yenta mode, I will say that I too find her pretty downright obnoxious at times. Last time I ate there, two customers who were supposed to be four according to their reservation occupied our reserved table. Cynthia was pissed at them, so she helped us get the table quickly. My hunger at the time impeded my awareness of how rude she was. Needless to say, I would not want to have been on the receiving end of her comments and glares.

      She seemed far more concerned with the satisfaction and comfort of my two male dining companions than she was with mine. Ms. Hirsh also crossed the accepted physical boundaries of convivial social interaction in *any* culture, not just puritanical American. I was amazed that she charges around $24 for the inexpensive Aussie Rosemount wines that cost $6.99 up the street at Trader Joe’s. I know the wine mark up is always high, but that one seemed extra ridiculous! Despite her, we actually had a nice time and the statuesque model waiters were competent.

      But oh, that cobbler... Maybe they accept late night customers only for dessert after she’s gone home?

    2. I was somehwat amused reading through the archive of messages about Cynthia(s)that runs back into last year... her M.O. is consistent at least...

      Some years ago, I experienced being a guest at an event that Cynthia catered at the Motion Picture Academy in Beverly Hills. She displayed such virulent anger at her staff in view of guests and was so surly with some of the guests that some people actually left early. In light of her quite memorable behavior that evening, I've never felt compelled to try her restaurant to say the least. Sounds as if my experience was not an isolated incident.