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Dec 29, 2007 03:47 PM

Whole Suckling Pig at Grand Mart in Centreville

When did Grand Mart start selling suckling pigs? I saw 5 whole suckling pigs at the meat counter this morning. Prices ranged from $57 to $76. Is it there just for the holidays?

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  1. I noticed it in Sept there. Actually you can get suckling pig at El Grand as well (not on display but on 12/24, I saw a couple of guys picking up a whole pig at the butcher counter there).

    The issue for me is, I don't know how to prepare it the chinese way(i.e., roast pig), with the crispy skin.

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    1. re: Soup

      There are instructions on the internet how to roast it. My problem is how to marinade it like the chinese does. My neighbor at the end of the street roast pigs and ducks for the local asian markets. He charges $175/pig and $19/duck. I have yet to taste anything as good as what he makes.

      1. re: jken2000

        Wow, is your neighbor interested in an eager student/apprentice? I would love to be able to watch the process.

        BTW, is the price what he charges just in labor and I'd have to supply the pig or duck?

        1. re: Soup

          His price includes the meat. He slaughters, cleans and preps the meat. He keeps the process and marinade a secret. I found instructions on how to build an above ground pit from concrete blocks on There is a china box made especially for pig roasting My neighbor cooks at least 10 pigs and 40 ducks. I believe he may hang the pigs from the ceiling since there are no marks whatsoever on the crispy skin.

          1. re: jken2000

            Thanks. Does he sell to the general public? if so does he have a nubmer?

            1. re: Soup

              I'll get the number from my mom