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Best Caterers in the Pioneer Valley

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Hello Wonderful Chowhounders,

You never steer me wrong and now I need your help. My partner and I are having our wedding in Deerfield and need to find a fabulous caterer. Our vision is pan-Asian buffet but we could go with yummy hippie vegetarian food or some other awesome ethnic cuisine. Pengyew is going to be out of the country!!!



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  1. Friends who got married in Deerfield in early May used Blue Moon Grocery from ? and the food was terrific.Pretty too. I do some catering, but not for big groups.

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      Blue Moon is in Easthampton (Eastworks Building). Sarah/mofuzz, if you use them, please do a followup report?

      Apollo Grill, also in Eastworks, has done catering too, but they are closed until early Feb. for remodeling.

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        Check out For the Health of It, located in Easthampton also. Jen (the owner) is an amazing cook and caterer. She does great things with Pan-Asian flavors and vegetarian cuisine.

    2. I'm getting married in Amherst this June and am using Pengyew. He's been
      amazing to work with so far.
      Here's the menu we're thinking of just because I'm excited:


      Vietnamese Imperial Rolls
      Scallion Pancakes with Apple Ginger Chutney
      Glazed Gingery Spareribs

      Buffet dinner:

      Mixed Greens Salad (Ginger Vinaigrette, garnished with grapefruit supremes)
      Stuffed Chive Pockets
      Seared Scallops with Carrot and Star Anise Reduction
      Eight Precious Duck (duck legs braised in Soy, wine, star anise, ginger, & Sichuan peppercorns)
      Pad Thai w. Tofu
      Fragrant Rice (steamed Jasmine rice tossed with ground lemongrass & kaffir)

      I've heard excellent things about Portabella Catering.
      The don't seem to have a website, but here's a number that I found: