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Dec 29, 2007 03:27 PM

Delivery in Jackson Heights?

I've been in the area a few months and have yet to figure out who delivers to my neighborhood. I'm in the upper 80s and 37th ave, and most of the good delivery seems to cut off at about 82nd. Any suggestions? I'm open to anything, but have especially been looking for good Japanese and Indian delivery.

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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood. I live on 83rd, and the only Asian I usually get here is Thai, either from Arunee on 37-68 79th Street (until 9:30 P.M.) off Roosevelt or from Shallot, 77-05 Woodside Ave in Elmhurst (perhaps later). The Chinese around here are so-so delivery joints. I usually get Empire but stick to a few dishes I like or settle for. There is an American/Chinese-owned sushi hole in the wall between 80th and 81st on 37th Ave. I haven't gotten it in years, but they have some sushi and do deliver. Menu is limited.

    What's good in this area is more Latin American. I'm sure you have other places close by, but we live on stuff from Café La Nueva (37th & 85th) or La Pequeña Colombia (Roosevelt & 84th) for Colombian and El Chivito d'Oro (37th & 84th) for Uruguayan. I don't know if the new Urubamba on 37th & 87th delivers or the Inti Raymi for Peruvian, but these are pretty trusty places. I believe that Niña Dominican Restaurant is still in operation at 35-61 95th Street, off 37th. I found them to have a clean place with a variety of good food. I haven't gotten delivery, but they said they'd come to 83rd. Oh, and perhaps Taquería Coatzingo at 40-18 82nd St, just on the Elmhurst side of the 7 train stop delivers until midnight or so.

    You may need to explore more toward Elmhurst to find some Asian places rather than toward 74th in JH.

    1. we get Taqueria Coatzingo delivered pretty often to the upper 80s

      1. I'm in the mid 80s and I am really looking forward to the new Japanese that's going to open somewhere very close to you!

        Have you tried the Thai places in Elmhurst for delivery? Maybe they are too far as well, but it's worth a shot - Chao Thai, Nusura, etc.
        Chao Thai is only about 7 tenths of a mile from 88th st and 37th ave so maybe it is close enough for delivery.

        1. Pio Pio has a wide delivery area 70th to 96th, Astoria Blvd to Roosevelt.


          1. Pick up a menu at East 21 at 71-26 Roosevelt Ave. They deliver by motor scooter and will deliver to your area of JH's. They have both a Japanese and Chinese Menu. Only order Japanese. I know many in JH's who order from East 21 and are very pleased with the quality and quick deliver. Minimum delivery is $8.

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              I have found East 21 to be the best Chinese delivery...I find the japanese to be the best of the 'hood but then again, that doesn't say a lot.