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Dec 29, 2007 02:55 PM

Vegetarian restaurants in Spadina Chinatown

Hi everyone, I'm going to be in Chinatown (on Spadina) tomorrow, and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good vegetarian restaurant in that area. We usually go to Bo De Duyen, but since I heard they have moved out of that location, I am looking for other vegetarian restaurants.. something not too pricy, but with good food :)

Any help/suggestions much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

My apologies for the multiple postings - I did that accidentally because when I tried posting the first time there was an error.

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  1. I enjoyed Cafe 668 - veg. Vietnamese on Dundas West, but before they moved to west of Bathurst.

    See also

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      I tried Cafe 668 a month or so ago. The decor was much more enjoyable then the food. The food wasn't bad, it just wasn't up to my expectations as far as chinese veg food is concerned.

    2. Thanks for your suggestions! I ended up going to a small place called Buddha Vegetarian Restaurant on Dundas St. West. It was recommended to us by a vendor. The place was extremely small and narrow, and kind of squished, but you get great value for your money. We ordered taro rolls, imitation duck, and Singapore stir-fried noodles. It was all appetizing. The portions are huge, and the prices are really inexpensive. It seemed pretty busy when when got there, and we had to wait until a larger party finished eating and left the table. The atmosphere wasn't as nice as other Chinese veg. restaurants I have been to - it seemed very white and sparse, but I'm not complaining. Overall, lots of great-tasting and inexpensive food! Will definitely be going there again next time I'm in the area!

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        Yes I've been there too, as you say it's not comfortable like a real restaurant so I don't usually recommend it. Yes tasty and inexpensive basic dishes but I found their food tend to be on the greasy side.