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Dec 29, 2007 02:55 PM

Menudo Memoirs: Las Brisas Taqueria Fallbrook

I write you with my still guajillo-stained sides of lips and also with a chile-induced high of endorphins running through my blood. :)

Needles to say that they serve a great bowl of Menudo at my favorite restaurant in the world. I think I could measure this by entering the place feeling pretty miserable, tired, unable to bear the cold and then -"post almuerzo" - leaving happier than a honeybee.

I wish they still had the elaborate carved wooden accoutrement holder for the soup but you still get the limes, minced onion, jalapeno, fried arbol, and dried oregeno. It must have been stolen as it was pretty neat. You still get these though.

There is something magical in combining the mexican oregeno and tripe together in particular. That flowery sharpness is great to cut the tripe. But every accoutrement serves its own purpose to enhance the dish.

I drank every last bit of the broth [tears of joy and pain - too much crumbled fried arbol! ]- be sure to get it con pata - which gives extra unctousness to the body of the soup.
Finish it with an Horchata.
The only thing I could of hoped for was some Mexican ska playing in the backround:

PS I was talking with one of their waitresses who said that they served 180! firemen on one single day during the fires!

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  1. Alex, you could report about almost anyplace and I'd find it interesting. Definitely makes me want to make the trek to Fallbrook!

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    1. It was fun running through your photostream, but I'm unfamiliar with some of the Mexican joints. Where did you get the, what looks to be, cuitlacoche taco? Same goes for the Sopa Azteca?

      Looks fantastic!

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      1. Went back today for breakfast -even better soup - Sunday Morning. You cant get a table at this place on this day.

        The wonderfully wispy crisp and nutty Carnitas were especially magical this time washed down with a modelo.