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Dec 29, 2007 02:50 PM

Where can I buy fresh pasta for lasagna?

Last week I made my first lasagna with fresh pasta from Ohio City Pasta, in the West Side Market back in Cleveland. The result was incredible!

I've been looking and looking online for a place in New York City that sells fresh pasta, in largish sheets. It sounds like Trader Joe's might sell it, and Whole Foods. Anybody have any recommendations? I live in Jackson Heights so hopefully it will be somewhat convenient to that (for example, Harlem or New Jersey are probably too out of the way). I walked over to Sapori D'ischia on 37th Ave today but they only sell fresh ravioli.

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  1. Call Raffetto's, 144 West Houston Street (212 777-1261). They sell all size fresh pasta in sheets. From Jackson Heights you can easily reach Raffetto's in 25 minutes using the E Train (Spring St Station). Do a search: Raffetto's West Houston Street.

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    1. ask at sorissos deli near piccola venezia astoria queens.. try leos's in corona

      1. I don't really know Queens but Pastosa sells delicious fresh pasta in their Brooklyn store. I don't know if they make lasagna noodles.They have a location in Queens. Perhaps you could check with them and see if they offer it in that location.. Here's the link...Good luck :-}

        1. Second to none, wainstead, second to none.

          Borgatti's, The Bronx New York

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            Wow, I'll have to rent a car to get there! I'll definitely try it some day though :o)

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              pasat at borgattis is good indeed, but to rent ta car to get

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                Waintead won't go wrong with Raffetto's. They've been at the same location making pasta since 1906. Bulk of business is wholesale which include Fairway, Zabar's, Il Mulino, Dean & DeLuca, Gotham Bar & Grill. I love this place. Pick up some goat cheese ravioli and fresh made (not frozen) manicotti. All at bargain prices (they own the building).

          2. casanellis on 23rd avenue in astoria - they make pasta for loads of restaurants & sell it to the locals in astoria. you can ask them for sheets - i have done it many times. makes incredible lasagna. i'm not positive about the spelling.