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Where can I buy fresh pasta for lasagna?

Last week I made my first lasagna with fresh pasta from Ohio City Pasta, in the West Side Market back in Cleveland. The result was incredible!

I've been looking and looking online for a place in New York City that sells fresh pasta, in largish sheets. It sounds like Trader Joe's might sell it, and Whole Foods. Anybody have any recommendations? I live in Jackson Heights so hopefully it will be somewhat convenient to that (for example, Harlem or New Jersey are probably too out of the way). I walked over to Sapori D'ischia on 37th Ave today but they only sell fresh ravioli.

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  1. Call Raffetto's, 144 West Houston Street (212 777-1261). They sell all size fresh pasta in sheets. From Jackson Heights you can easily reach Raffetto's in 25 minutes using the E Train (Spring St Station). Do a search: Raffetto's West Houston Street.

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    1. ask at sorissos deli near piccola venezia astoria queens.. try leos's in corona

      1. I don't really know Queens but Pastosa sells delicious fresh pasta in their Brooklyn store. I don't know if they make lasagna noodles.They have a location in Queens. Perhaps you could check with them and see if they offer it in that location.. Here's the link...Good luck :-}

        1. Second to none, wainstead, second to none.

          Borgatti's, The Bronx New York
          ---> http://borgattis.com/ravioli/products...

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            Wow, I'll have to rent a car to get there! I'll definitely try it some day though :o)

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              pasat at borgattis is good indeed, but to rent ta car to get there..lololol...no

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                Waintead won't go wrong with Raffetto's. They've been at the same location making pasta since 1906. Bulk of business is wholesale which include Fairway, Zabar's, Il Mulino, Dean & DeLuca, Gotham Bar & Grill. I love this place. Pick up some goat cheese ravioli and fresh made (not frozen) manicotti. All at bargain prices (they own the building).

          2. casanellis on 23rd avenue in astoria - they make pasta for loads of restaurants & sell it to the locals in astoria. you can ask them for sheets - i have done it many times. makes incredible lasagna. i'm not positive about the spelling.

            1. anyone know of anyplace in Brooklyn?

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                Try Pastosa's> When I was in Brooklyn that's where I purchased my fresh pasta. They also sell killer ravioli, manicotti, stuffed shells, etc. I used to frequent the store on 75th St As neighborhoods change, often so do food offerings, so be sure to call first in case they no longer produce/carry it.

              2. Next door to Leo's Latticini (a/k/a Mama's) on 104th Street, in Corona, the same family operates a fresh pasta store. I do not know its name, nor do I know if they sell sheets of pasta for lasagna, but it's worth a try. If you call Leo's, they would certainly know the # for the other store and could probably give you the information you're looking for, as the sister who runs the pasta store is constantly running back and forth between the 2 stores. FYI, the store is, when weather is ok, walking distance from the 103rd Street stop on the # 7 line, maybe 10 blocks or so, so it sounds like maybe you could get there without much of a hassle.

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                  yes, i agree, i already said that ..see above

                2. I just bought fresh spinach pasta to make lasagna. Bought it at D'Urso's in Flushing - corner of Utopia Pkwy and Crocheron Ave. Actually, they have many kinds of fresh pasta, but they didn't have spinach lasagna (only regular) so I pieced together spinach papardelle. Really good.


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                    I never heard of Dursos until last week. It was mentioned by neighbors (who have a car) and they rave about this store. They sent me the website www.dursos.com. I don't have a car and can't go. Sure wish they were near a subway station. I would certainly be a regular. The website says it all. A "27" from Zagat.

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                      This is NY! Surely there is a bus connection.

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                        I don't think Durso's is anything special, Sorriso's blows it away. Their mozzarella is way better than Durso's. And for fresh pasta, I still think Rafetto's in the city is best.

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                          Janie: Many thanks for posting. I can easily get to Sorriso's by subway and I plan to do so very soon. Yes, Raffetto's (I've been going for 25+ years) is the best. If it's good enough for Dean & DeLuca, it's good enough for me. Using Mapquest, Durso's is 7 miles and would take over an hour via 2 buses. Who needs this especially after reading your message.

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                            if you do get to sorrisos, get their croatian olive oil..ask for it..its fab

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                          Appears to be just a few blocks from LIRR's Auburndale station.

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                            durso's is on crocheron ave, the q28 passes stops right across the street. if you were to take the 7 to main street, the q28 would take you directly to durso's. it would be about a 15 min bus ride.

                            durso's is great. not sure about fresh lasagna, but certainly have purchased fresh ravioli. in addition, they have great italian subs, salads, and various sides. they have an interesting collection of sauces, oils, etc. oh, and they even have really nice bowls, salad bowls and plates to give as gifts.

                      2. I know its Manhattan but Buon Italia in the Chelsea market has great fresh pasta (including lasagne sheets) and the best array of Italian specialty foods in the area

                        1. Hey Wainstead
                          I was in the very same WS Market last week myself (Clevo's my hometown -- East side). I go for the smokies and sausage but Ohio City pasta has some great stuff too.
                          Have you ever tried making your own pasta? It was kind of a eureka moment the first time I did it. It's so tasty and ridiculously easy -- and lasagna most of all, because all you're making is flat sheets. I have one of those little Italian hand-crank machines but you could probably roll it out by hand.
                          Go Tribe! hankyT

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                            Queen Ann Ravioli has amazing fresh pasta on 18th ave and 72nd st in Bensonhurst