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Dec 29, 2007 02:40 PM

Can't find good take out from Ft Myers area

Will be arriving at the airport at 6pm on a Friday night and will be heading to Homestead/Florida City.
Problem: We would like something that is not greasy, fast food for take out. We would like to eat in the car or make a quick stop. It can be anywhere from the airport south before heading east on the highway. We don't mind getting off as long as it is not more than a 15 min drive to and from the highway.
We are open to fish/seafood (not battered and fried) or mexican.
We have tried other sites but are coming up empty on suggestions.
Any ideas or should we wait until we arrive on the east coast and eat somewhere there so we can have the drive through the everglades area in daylight?

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  1. There is a mall about a mile or two from the Fort Myers airport called Gulf Coast. There are many options in there. I would go there and see what sounds good to you. Unless you are driving down much later in the spring, you will still be driving most of the way in the dark.

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      So, rushing to get out of Fort Myers is really not necessary then, right? We might as well go by the water and have a nice fish meal then. Maybe we'll go to Naples or drive directly to the East Coast and stop in there.