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Feb 2, 2001 12:58 AM

For You OC Anglophiles Who Don't Know: 7-11 In Huntington Beach

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I don't know if there are others in Orange County who insist on real English tea, biscuits, clotted cream, etc. I do, and found for years that I would actually have to travel to England or the Bahamas to get the authentic stuff. I've always felt that the tea we get in the U.S. (even from English companies) is always the second grade, the top stuff going to tea drinking countries such as England and its protectorates, and to India and China.

Then one day my hairstylist (a fellow anglophile, but a serious one -- she would go to London twice a year) let me know about the 7-11 on Brookhurst near Garfield. They are run by an Indian family, and they import the real stuff. They have several brands of tea, as well as McVittie's and other biscuits, Bird's Custard, Cadbury Chocolates (the stuff you can't find here) Bangers in the freezer, clotted cream and Devon cream in the fridge, and lots more.

So, if you are craving the real stuff, there's the place to go.

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