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Dec 29, 2007 02:25 PM

Restaurant for a 50th wedding anniversary

In Providence or Providence area, for about 20 people, with good food, excellent service, and a private room or space. The place should be nice, not cheesy or loud.

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  1. More details, please. Price range, day of the week, etc?

      Here's a good link to get you started. If you do a search for Providence you'll get lots of good recs.
      Have fun!

      1. Actually, Sienna, up on the Hill, would be a good choice. The food and service are great; they have a nice wine list. Also, there is a private room in the back of the house.
        L'epicureo, which was in that space, moved downtown to the Hotel Providence. It is really beautiful, and, their menu is great...we are going there for my Ma's 85th next week.