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Dec 29, 2007 01:30 PM

Looking for Mochi in South Sonoma County

I know it is a tad late for special orders, but I have a hankering for Mochi for Jan 1st. Would prefer sources in Petaluma/Cotati/Rohnert Pk/Santa Rosa Area. I settled for frozen Mochi from G and G in Petaluma last New Years- my first New Years in Sonoma County but want something fresh. If all else fails I will have some at my friends later that day on New Years but would love to have some earlier in the day.....Any other sources for Traditional Japanese New Years food?

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  1. We made mochi today at the Koyasan Temple in Sacramento. We had quite a few pounds leftover and I am sure they would be happy to sell you some if you want to drive as far as Sacramento. You might check the Japanese churches and temples in your area to see if they had a mochitsuki today or tomorrow in anticipation of the new year celebration.

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      Sacto is a fur piece for me-- last time I drove up in that direction, I stripped my timing chain on my car-- will try the local places Sonoma--- also looked up my post request from a year ago. Will go to Asiana in Cotati as Melanie Wong suggested last year.

      Happy New Year dimsumgirl!

    2. You might check with the Buddhist Temple in Sebastopol to see if they made mochi.