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Dec 29, 2007 01:09 PM

In Athens Dec 30 - Jan 4

I will be in Athens with my family from tomorrow afternoon through January 4th and we are looking for some good restaurants for lunch and dinner over the 5 day period. We don't have any reservations for new years but would love to find somewhere special, maybe more of a splurge - generally we are looking for more moderate prices. The whole family is fairly adventurous when it comes to food but I think we are looking to get a range of traditional to modern greek cuisine. Any suggestions as to places we can go as we are touring some of the major sites? We will also be taking day trips to Delphi and Aegina so we will need to be having lunches on those two as well...thanks for any help you can offer!

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  1. Dear Auramay.
    Just saw your post, if you have not yet planned your dining I have a few suggestions. In Exharkia my favorite taverna is RIFIFI, It is modern greek, get the cod with skordalia and horta it is so good. Rififi is on Emmanuel Benaki just behind Plateia Exharkia, it is actually on the corner of the the foot path that starts in the plateia next to Flocafe and Benaki.

    Kuzina is in a touristy section but is very good, get the lambshank in fava puree if they are serving it. It is on the pezodromos behind the monastiraki station that leads to Thissiou, there are dozens of places along that row, but it shpouldn't be so hard to find.

    Para Pente and/or Kolias are the place to get fish, owned by the same family. The places are across the alleyway from each other, Kollias traditional old style fish taverna but everything is perfect, and Para Pente is very modern, you don't order anything they just bring platters of five items at a time to your table, when you are full tell them to stop. don't miss the dessert. both of these places are nearly impossible to find, they are in Pereias, your concierge should know about Kolias, it is the best traditional seafood taverna in Athens some say. I couldn't vouch for that as I don't frequent fish places often, due to over fishing and astronomical prices.

    We are leaving for Galaxidi in the morning and will be hiking a path that goes through Delphi, I have a great recommendation for a Galaxidi taverna but think it may be out of your way!

    Hope you get this on time, sorry about the hazy directions, I know the concierge at King George in Lekavittos knows about Kolias, he got some out of town guests there before my husband and I could find it!

    Good luck and xronia polla.

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    1. re: E.Kolliopoulos

      ** We are leaving for Galaxidi in the morning and will be hiking a path that goes through Delphi, I have a great recommendation for a Galaxidi taverna but think it may be out of your way! **

      My parents are taking my sisters and our husbands to Greece in September. It's my dad's dream to go with his whole family to our family's birthplace (Ioannina) We are going to stay over in Galaxidi one night - what is the taverna you recommend? I can put it on the list of restaurants to try.

      We will probably need many more ... so I will be back!


      1. re: alexia

        Dear Alexia,
        The taverna in Galaxidi is Skelatobraxos (skeleton rock), it is on the sea road and is very easy to find. The owner will sit down at your table and after you give him your order, he will correct you and tell you what you should have, now we just tell him to suggest for us, he asks us if we want fish or meat then he gives an excellent menu.

        This last time we went, we found a place we like just as much and their stuffed onions (the specialty of Galxidi) were actually better than skelatobraxos. I unfortunately cannot find my notes to give you the name of the taverna, when I do I will post the info. It is not at the seaside, it is on the main road that goes through town to the sea road and is a dark and cozy place, no outdoor seating.

        I hope your parents will stay at Hotel Ganimede, it is so charming and serves a great breakfast in the courtyard.

        If your parents go to Ioannina they must take a few days to go to the nearby region of Zagoria, I think it is one of the most incredible places on earth and the food there is outrageously good, the best hortopita I have ever had. I will get from my cousin the right Kaimaki (masticha flavored ice cream, a must) place in Ioannina and if you are interested in Zagoria I will give you excellent recs there as well.


        1. re: E.Kolliopoulos

          thanks Elizabeth!

          all of those recommendations sound great - thank you! we are definitely staying over in Galixidi, and I think that Hotel Ganimede was the place my parents stayed last time they were in Greece ...

          we'll be in greece for about ten days, in ioannina for about 2/3 of the time, so i think that the kaimaki will definitely make the list. yum!

          if you can find your notes, i'd love the name of the other taverna in galixidi. (ooh, stuffed onions!)

          might as well pass along the zagoria recommendations too ...

          this is great, thanks! my family will be so happy...

    2. I was very happy with my meal at Ermion Estiatorio in Plaka this past October. Very tasty versions of traditional dishes and surprisingly generous portions. 3 of us ate very well for 63 Euros.